Can i use open sesame and beastie buds and cha ching on my autoflower?

This will be my second grow in my stainless steel grow box. Which was my 1st grow indoors. It did really nice with my clone she still has about three weeks left i have a small list of things for my super soil and foxfarm trio plus the three i mention above. I also have humboldt nutrients master A and B. Which would be better for autoflowering.

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Yes use them as a trio stop use a week or 2 before harvest

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Ok i have 3 weeks left in my one lady. Should i do one once. I just got this trio.

With 3 weeks left yes feed this one time with the trio, and let it rise afterwards, you definatley don’t want to feed twice in one week, the fox farms trio (open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching) are extremely potent stuff but you’ll see great results, and you’ll like the end product


Are you in soil, or dwc?

Yes in soil.

My last watering was ph balanced water only.

Ok, yea thought I’d check, so yes I was leading you in the right direction, dead this one time and let her ride you’ll be satisfied, another great set of nutes together is big bud and rhino skin.

Look into those for future investments

And that’s good after this feeding, you’ll wanna keep her watered with balanced ph water for the rest of her turn

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Will do. I was looking at the dirty dozen pack.

Oh and when using the trio, feed them with 1/4 tsp of each nutrient per gallon (mix all of them in a gallon of water and mix them together)

That’s a great bundle as well


So the trio and cha ching?.

Ive been using big bloom and tiger and grow big. Since clone took at three weeks old.

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So the trio and cha ching

Yes the cha ching to it will help add more resins and trichomes to the plant, it helps build essential oils in the plant

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So do the last week on this?

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How many weeks is your plant supposed to flower that’s what lost me lol, I’m looking for a week when I don’t know how old she is lmao which week am i looking at, and the cha ching is right, that’s how I use it 1/4-1/2 tsp per gallon with others mixed usually 1/4 tsp per gallon

Ok im looking at the week count since forced to flower. This girl was cloned April 30 was transplant date. So three months in flower. And i had some . I kept her in a small pot to stunt hight caused some problems. But got through them. Ill show you pic of my girl. Give me sec.

Sure thing my friend, and if she is 3 months in flower she is 12 weeks in flower so use the tiger bloom 2tsp per gallon and in that same gallon mixed with big bloom 1/2 tbl, and 1/4 tsp of cha ching, hope I didn’t misinterpret that

here she is.