About to purchase nutritions On here

My main question is if I do autoflower’s with the nutritions, how would I do my feed schedule. Since the feeding schedule are for photos only?

Feed veg until you start to see white pistils and the plant will start stretching very obviously , transition out the grow and start gradually adding the flower but never just switch from grow nutrients straight to flower ate you will burn them badly , change it our gradually each feeding by taking away grow and adding bloom in 2.5ml increments make sense and you golden. Just have to read the auto for when they ready to start floweri g which is around week 3-5 I’m most auto flowers .

Sounds good so I won’t need to use the seedling? Also wat about the use of the boost, would I use it still with autos

@Mg21519 what is it you asking in concerns with ? Nutrient line ? I don’t used much bought liquid nutrient lines , I used mainly dry amendments ? But what are you using to raise and grow out your plants :potted_plant:, it’s someone used them I’m sure ?

All the searching I do for all different types of brands none of them come with a chart that shows how much nutritions do give autoflower’s only photos

@Mg21519 exactly !
It’s other options verses being forced to used all the nutrients line.
The first 3-4 weeks after an auto seed pop up above ground you used the grow nutrients , around week 3 -4 or 5 maybe they should start stretching and showing lil white hairs called pistils , just the node spacing should tell you they going into flower once they start to stretch a bit .
Once you see this happening, is when you start to transition out the grow nutrients to the bloom nutrients in a gradual way so you don’t shock the plant as it transition automatically from vegging to flowering as to how its bred . You should get to maybe 5 mls of grow nutrients per gallon in seedling and vegging autos , maybe 8 mls but no higher that early for seedlings right. Once you see the first lil white hairs start foaming , add 2 5mls of bloom to the 8mls of grow .
Than after that feeding , the next one should be 5mls of grow and 5mls of bloom , than 2.5 mls of grow and 5mls of bloom , than no grow at all and only 8mls of bloom and they should keep going until finish without shock . Hope this helps and make sense to your understanding by transitioning or gradually adding one and removing the other in sequence to prevent shock .