Can I remove big fan leaves for LST

Hey friends, I just started a couple GSCE about three weeks ago and I want to try my hand at LST for the first time. I was just wondering if I can take these huge fan leaves in order to make some room to tie down my branches without harming the plant. I am still so delicate with these guys even though they seem to be very hardy

PS you guys have been amazing and I appreciate the reply’s in advance

Yes indeed it’s that time

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Hey @anon1893985 …union, justice, rice-n-gravy

Lmao :muscle: absolutely

@Biged719 If this is an auto plant be careful with your pruning and training…they stress very easy

Awesome, thank you

I just finished up on plucking off all my original big suckers

Did you FIM or top it?
She already looks squat and spread out.
How tall - nodes is it?

Topped at 7th node 16 inches

Its some Area51 seeds out of my bag so hopefully one turns out female