My first attempt at LST - just looking for opinions

I missed doing this on my first plant - wanted to get it going on this one. Should I remove the large fan leaves on the edges as well? I was trying to focus on middle - my last one is a bushy madness. I prefer less bush in my life :wink:


I would not defoliate at this time, let them fan leaves do their job and be the photosynthesis factory that they are. Im assuming these are Autos? If so i would not defoliate until a week or two into flower and sparingly at that. Only removing large fan leaves that are blocking prime flowering sites. And you dont have to go in and chop alot at one time. You can remove some here and there as the plant progresses.


No need to remove them.
I would tie down the tall ones to the same or lower height as the center growth. This will slow their growth so the shorter ones can catch up.
Sometime you need a little restraint aide


not auto.

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Tie them down more so than they already are?

Any time a top gets taller than the other ones then tie it down again. You can pull them down in a circular pattern or just any way that works. That fights apical dominance and send growth hormones, etc to different parts of the plants. Keep the canopy as even as possible across the top and you can end up with a whole lot of top buds.

And yes, I would tie onto the tips and pull them down now. Any time they point back up you can tie them down again. You don’t have to and it is monotonous, but the more you do, the better your end result.


OK will do within my space restrictions. They live in a closet - have more to go but my other one is taking up about 1/2 the space and I did not do any early LST as I was just learning how to make it grow lol

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@Outlaw explained it well. Do what you can given the space.
The two plants I showed shared a 3x3 and they filled it up.

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so I FD up last night. back from vaca, hurrying to a wedding I was tying them down more and split the trunk. I used a zip the best I could to hold it together and supported the two large branches.

think it has a chance? so far it seems “ok”

This is my first grow ever. Was given cicjky 2 foot clones in dryed up solo cup. Just started flower yesterday.after 4 weeks of lst.

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Cannabis plants are way more resilient than we think. I broke the main stem on one right above the first node last (first) grow. Nodes were so right I couldn’t tape it. I propped it up in place with four chopsticks. It basically sprouted another main stem, the broken one healed and it had the best yield of all my plants. Even of it doesn’t heal, don’t worry about it too much. Live and learn/$hit happens.

Edit: I’ve seen a lot of people suggest putting honey or aloe on breaks if you want to try that. Otherwise just keep it taped if you can tape it or held with the zip tie .

yea thanks, i get it. this one has or had 9 lives it seems. i have tried to kill it every step of the way seemingly but it keeps on going. seed was free, time and effort was not. i only can run a couple of plants at a time so i am hoping it makes it. but live and learn.

  • interesting on the honey. i wondered if there was something like this as it seems i saw a post on a similar thing.