Can I have an eye on my tric pict?

I know it’s not much but I have this picture, I think I see sum amber tric’s. White rhino 32 days since pistils, kinda soon if they are turning. Help please

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Be sure to look at the trichs on the flower, not the sugar leaves.
The buds mature a little slower, and you don’t smoke the sugar leaves.

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The resin droplets on the trichomes look clear, they at least need to be milky and opaque. Looks too soon according to the photo…

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Ok. Here’s a cpl more pict from today, again day 35 since pistels. Chocolope, what am I seeing that makes the tricombs look like they have sum amber?

the brown I see is the fine hairs that were white, turning brown. not the trichomes

So what are these?

There are some amber trichs.
Are those pics of the sugar leaves, or the flower? Ignore what you see on the sugar leaves, the flowers are what you want to go by.

Those are on the flower, top bud

Do you have pics of the whole plant.

If those amber trichs are on flower, it’s time to flush and prepare for harvest.

Here are more pictures, I can’t find any amber today, looked at all 4 plants. All Picts are of the top of Random flowers. The Picts kinda suck, I’m gonna invent sumthing much easier than using this three handed crap. .

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Here’s one with a microscope app I just downloaded top of flower. .

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I have sum real Picts tonight, I think I’m real close to a flush, I prefer light on the amber, I don’t want the couch lock, thx again fella growers

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