Can i dry buds in marijuana grow room with lights on?

I reside in a relatively small space that doesn’t allow me anywhere to dry my bud except the actual marijuana grow room. Is it harmful to dry the bud in a lit space?

Light, elevated temperatures, and oxygen tend to deteriorate THC. Ideal smoke is produced from bud that’s first been cured in a room with average moisture, cool temperatures (between 60 and 70F), and proper ventilation. This helps the leaves stay alive. Starches and sugars are used which helps mellow the smoke. After a couple of days, the marijuana plants need a dry environment that’s about 85F so that water can be evaporated. The breezy area needs to be lit only dimly so that THC won’t degrade.

For best results, try to put the marijuana in the restroom for a couple of day with a fan to promote ventilation. Use a temporary cover for the window and then close the door. Keep the area cool at first, but use a dehumidifier to heat it up and remove water.

When the buds dry up, vacuum pack them or put them in a vacuum bag that has been infused with CO2. You might prefer mason jars which can be placed in the freezer to mitigate THC deterioration.


Although you can dry them there it is not suggested. Try to figure out a way to keep them in a relatively dark cool room with good ventilation.
For a lot of small at home growers this is a tricky time. The buds are now hopefully dank and full of resin. This is when the smell can get you busted. When I grew at home, I used a closet with an exhaust fan hooked to a carbon filter, and vented it to the attic. DO NOT use the bathroom. most bathrooms end up with high humidity. you will run the risk of mold formation on the buds. I don’t know anyone that has a bathroom that is not used in their house. Usually bathrooms are in high demand.


If you have a small fan you can place the buds in a grocery paper bag. This will keep them in the dark, dry, and the bag will breathe enough to dry the buds slowly as long as you have air flow on the bag. You can also leave the top slightly open. fold the top of bag about 2", let go, it will open slightly. rotate buds each day to alleviate ant potential for mold.

I made a “drying” room out of two Sterilite containers. (exact same size) I painted them black, cut fan holes on opposite sides. Placed two computer fans, one blowing in, one blowing out. Used a wire metal rack with gaps big enough to hang buds upside down. I had to paint them black to keep the light out. The computer fans are powered by a 12 v power supply from an old router. I hooked them in series to slow down the speed to about half. I’m able to keep it in a back room or closet. The smell is nice, but then I don’t get a lot of company. I could put it in my grow room if I wanted to, but I think it would still be a little warm.

The grocery bag trick has worked for me in the past. This is my first indoor grow, got too paranoid to grow outdoors when a stranger showed up one day and asked for a drink of water.

I got two bathrooms one full bath and a half bath. The half bath is the one i use and off limits to anyone. But anyway i never had a problem and it stays cool in there becouse i have a floor vent for central air unit. My window is coverd in black plastic but the window is half open then coverd in plastic . Sometime i grow there to. And never had a problam growing and drying all in my half bath.

Thanks for sharing. :smiley: