Drying harvest bud in same room of grow light

Hello fellow farmers. I am Still in my first grow and have some plants that are almost ready to harvest. I also have plants that are far from it and need much more time in the grow room “my closet”. The issue is, I need to leave the closet door open for various reasons. Long story short, i need to dry my bud in the bathroom next to the closet because that is where my dehumidifier is. I hear it should be complete darkness to dry. What is the impact of having a little but of light coming through? Like the amount of light on a grey cloudy day?


You could make yourself a dry box. Then put the box in the room with the dehumidifier. A shield, if you will, from the light coming in. Make an air port on one side at the bottom. And an exit port on the opposite side but at the top

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Howdy, I plan to use the grow tent to hang and dry, keep the fans running just kill the lights . Still learning myself.


Use cardboard boxes if that’s all you can use. Light is bad and you want a slow dry as much as possible. To trying to keep your drying environment at 50% humidity is important.

The worse the dry and cure the harsher the smoke and the less terp (smell /flavour)


Thats a good idea. Are those shish kabobs? I have a ton of them lol

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Yeah i think i have an idea but if that doesnt work out i may do the box method. Important to stay in that room because thats the only room that stays 50 rh consistently with plants

I’m harvesting my 4 plants at the same time and In the same space as I’m vegging my new plants. Not ideal… but I made a box with a small fan that pulls air through from bottom to top. So far it looks like the temp and rh are within range. Lights out now but if your interested I’ll snag a pic tomorrow A.M.

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Saw it on YouTube. Its thread/yarn

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Ah ok. I guess anything would do lol

Yeah man let me take a look i might be doing this box method