Does anyone have any good literature on drying and curing

I’m about to harvest 6 plants I already have a few buds drying that I clipped off to check trichomes. I really am having trouble with the curing aspect. It would really be a shame to grow such beautiful buds and not cure properly. If anyone has any literature or lessons they learned that I can be saved the Trouble of please share below. Thanks everyone and happy growing!

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I use fans as necessary to maintain proper RH (~60%) and temps (~68F.) The flower will dry in a week to 10 days with these conditions.

I hang a sweater dryer on the shower curtain rod in an unused bathroom. I’ll be drying a plant in the next few weeks. Ambient RH is 26% with the furnace running, so I’ll have to use a small humidifier in the bathroom to keep RH up.

Grow weed easy puts out good info - can’t do a direct link
growweedeasy DOT com/drying-curing

Thanks @beardless

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Thank you @MidwestGuy