Can i cut these leaves off

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Sorry for first photo being blurry

If you want to you can…

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Thanks @MattyBear

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I generally don’t remove any leaves during veg unless it’s super dense and mildew is an issue. More chlorophyll equals more growth in my opinion.


I wouldn’t do it and I agree with familyman. I also agree with mattybear ( I’ll get the tags down one day lol) and no it’s not a conundrum ha. It also appears it’s a very young plant to start removing anything except dead growth. There are those that remove every fan leaf but a full set to support the bud smh on that one. It works for their needs I guess but I say if the plant didn’t need those leaves to do it’s thing then why did the designer give them all those leaves. Short cuts usually means getting short changed in the end . No don’t remove them :alien: bob agrees too lol


took this last nite still need to screen in here but ive been procrastinating


One reason all the fan leaves are there is because they are meant to be grown outdoors where the sun rotates around the plant and can get light penetration even with all the fan leaves. Indoors, we are mimicking nature, but don’t have the sun to rotate around the plants, thus meaning some strategic pruning, especially under LED lighting, is done by some people (me included) on their indoor grows to allow the light to penetrate deep into the canopy :wink::v::bear:


I’ll snap the branch and glue it back if I have to in order to get more light. I do remove a few fans now and then but never within the first 10-12 days. I regularly glue branches back together that I break with my big hands. That’s how I learned to glue them together and noticed when I do as I’ll show you on a green crack I get 17-19 fingers on a fan and 6 tops instead of 4 thru fimming. Yep that’s right

Im interested, @Zsitchin

What are you using for glue?

Surgical super glue this grow. I normally use regular superglue that comes with a brush or dab option. I recommend the brush option. My Dr gave me a tube of the surgical stuff. The plant recognizes it and healing is nearly instantaneous.
Some shock occurs of course but as you know shock goes away quickly.

The technique your using is interesting, I will have to try it.

Enjoyed the comments!