Can I cut bottom off solo cup?

So I have seedlings in solo cups and 2 are autos. Can I cut the bottom off the cup and plant in bigger pot that way no transplant shock? No room for full pots yet about 2 weeks


I’ve never had a plant slow down following a transplant.


Transplant won’t bother it you be fine let it dry out little take your hands around it squeeze it little pop it out it will enjoy it. Y friend happy growing


Yes this can 100% be done but like others have said a normal transplant as long as done gently is just fine as well


@420noob I transplant from a solo cup to a larger pot when I have roots coming through the holes on the bottom of the cup. When I transplant from a solo cup to a larger pot… I typically, fill the destination pot then dig out a hole the size of the solo cup. I turn solo cup upside down and tap on the bottom and place inside the hole. Then thrown a little soil on top to fill any holes. I do not pack down the soil.


Use your solo cup ro form a mold in the new pot, then when you slide your root-bound plug out of your solo, it fits in nicely and just need to give a little squeeze around it to snug it up. No transplant shock.


The pictures is worth a 1000 words @Spudgunner that’s exactly the way I Transplant.


When I did my first autos I was so paranoid I cut my solo after placing it in the premade hole similar to @Spudgunner but nowadays I just either wait for roots to come out of the holes or the fan leaves to extend past the solo cups edge and flip over into my hand. Try and transfer before watering so the rootball doesn’t have any additional water weight or it may collapse. Good luck


You can absolutely do this and I do it quite often, i also plant my 1gal grow bags i use for seedlings. I then water only into the big pot and it creats kinda and "air root area in the smaller container as it stays dryer.

It may not actually help in anyway but it will not hurt at all.


I don’t see a need and shouldn’t suffer shock if the seedling is healthy enough for a transplant. I would suggest starting a journal, I see you open a new topic for every question. If you’ll keep it under 1 post we can all find you and follow along easier. I transplant my autos to their forever home at day 15 from breaking ground :love_you_gesture:


Yep, I do this with solo cups :love_you_gesture:


Thanks all! I kinda thought it would work. Thanks also for the autos tip. I guess all the “don’t mess with autos” type talk I worked myself up to paranoia that doesn’t need to be there. So autos the can do almost anything that photos can you just have to time it right and have a gentle hand?


:point_up_2: winner winner chicken dinner my new Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


When can I claim said chicken dinner?



i do this, cut slits at the top and peel it like a banana


Only on my second indoor grow. I transplanted my seedlings from solo cups to their forever pots as soon as they looked like they would live. The first true leaves were at the edge of the cup and the second set was developing. The seven-gallon pots of soil were moist but not soggy. So far so good. I haven’t had to water at all probably, but I did a little because I’m a rookie.
For Autos, how many days or at what point would you consider a plant in the vegetative state. I realize all varieties are different. What is the average? I’m gradually increasing the amount of light and keeping the lights at the manufacturers recommended distances. I have 3 brands of lights and no PAR meter $$$.


So people will give slightly different answers but typically 2-3 weeks (time wise) after it pops up is seedling stage.
More accurately though I would say, when it’s roots are well developed and it has at least one set of “true” leafs would be veg to me.


I’d like some of y’all to address this please :metal:

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One cup split and set inside another. Drain holes in both.

Hole formed with solo cup in soil

Transplant takes 10 seconds.


That’s Slick :metal: