Can anyone recommend a low wattage heater for 4x4 grow tent?


I am trying to be a head of the game for winter in a basement 4x4 grow tent.

I am looking for a very low wattage small heater to help regulate my tent in the cold months. (flowering and drying a harvest)

Is there a small low watt heater and does its element glow and if so will that mess up my dark period for flowering?

I will be using a digital thermostat to control it so I don’t need a bunch of features on the heater.

It will working with a 20"x48" heat mat also with a digital thermostat. The whole tent is on top of pallets to bring it off the cold basement floor.

I found these on Amazon but not sure if they are any good:

Thanks for your help!

I dont have any experience with it, but I found this one, its a ceramic heater so it shouldn’t glow. I believe its around 150w on low and 250w on high.

Thank you I appreciate your advice!

And for the info about ceramic heaters not glowing.

Have a great night!

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No problem, and you do the same!

I tried a ceramic heater last winter and it glowed like the sun. Ended up going with an oil filled radiator looking one. Cost a lot less to run as well

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Thats crazy! They are not supposed to glow.

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But the radiator is a great idea!!

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I wasn’t thinking when I bought it, noticed a glow coming through the inlet room filter…sure enough, bright as can be. The whole ceramic plate was lit up. Luckily I was still in veg. The oil one seems perfect. Just my back up to the propane heater in the main room

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I have been worried about that… And since I am on a budget… Didn’t want to find out when it is too late and had to deal with a return.

It seems not all “ceramics” are the same… Some glow.

I may try a radiator… Know of a cheap low watt one?

What does a propane heater exhaust?

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I picked mine up at Walmart last year. Don’t remember it being too expensive.

We have a wall mounted propane heater in the shop hooked up to a big tank. Been the main heat source out there for years. It glows as well but it’s in a separate room from the plants. Burns clean

Check walmarts for the oil cooled ones or meijers. Like 20 or 25 bucks and they have adjustable setting know to control how warm u want it. Itll work perfect for u im sire u can dial it in pretty precise if u take a few to adjust and let it get to the temps to see what they are. Good luck.


I run a small like this one

on a timer with it running 15 mins every 60 min±… I pull air in the tent from the snowy outdoors and seem like it works.


Hey man, how have you been?

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Doing good, thanks for asking.
Durban Poison turned out not liking the heat and hermies, to late to seed the plant but just not worth the problems. I still have 2 plants about 3-4 weeks out doing ok then that’s it for DP
Found me some Miracle Alien Cookies x Sunset Sherbet seeds “Sunset Mac, very 2020 and not for sale” and started soaking 2 yesterday.
Scared they’ll both be male, but thinking about doing a journal on them.

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Don’t worry brother man! I have hundreds of MAC crosses and several hundred MAC Sherbet :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3: Alone. I spent the better part of yesterday looking for you. I definitely want to pick your brain about some things.

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I ended up going with oil filled radiator heaters. They have not failed me and I have felt a bit safer with this type of heater in my tent as apposed to a heater with hot red coils or ceramic.

I control them… One in each tent… With inkbird temperature controllers… Haven’t looked back. No issues, provides a stabile environment.

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