Grow tent heaters

Hello everyone, just looking for some recommendations on a grow tent heater.
I have a 4x4 tent I use for flowering in my basement that remains around 63° yearly, I use a separate room on the top floor for my vegging plants. With lights on in the tent it would get to 70° with my exhaust fans running low speed. I manage humidity with no issues.
The two heaters I tried both broke after about a month.

I like a heater that I can leave on and will only heat when it is required.

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My preference is for oil-filled 1,500w electric heaters. You can buy them with a thermostat or you can use a thermostat controller which can also control humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Inkbird makes some.


What he said lol they work great and easy to get things under control :wink:

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I second @KeystoneCops suggestions, I use both and I am happy!

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I use a seedling pad, sitting upright in the back of my tent, connected to an Inkbird temp controller.

It works better than I expected.

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1000 watt HPS lamp.

My basement remains chilly all year, especially in the winter. I’m not replacing the lights in my original grow room because it’s designed around the heat produced by two 600 watt lamps. If I went to LED I’d have to supplement the heat.

Yep Oil filled heater with inkbird controller for heat/humidity
Just want to make sure you have the amps available to run it.
Check specs on the heaters

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The OP needs a heater that they can leave on all the time, regardless of light cycle; coincidentally, what do you do for heat when your lights are off?

Many have 3 power settings, typically 500/1000/1500w. Selecting a lower power level can ensure you don’t trip a breaker or worse.

Dyson blade-less heaters are definitely a favourite, the inbuilt thermostat ensures you can literally set & forgot, set it to your desired temperature & your room won’t ever drop below temperature again, plus it also acts as an air mover which keeps your stagnant air moving & ensuring it heats your room super fast.

Hope this helps. :grin:

I have two grow spaces with an interconnected center room. One space veg, the other flower. There is always at least one light on.

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