Need a HEATER grow is in basement

So it winter newbie still, attempting to get ready for round 2 but will need some type of heater in tent to keep it warm enough. Any suggestions thanks, will need to have a thermostat and be able to run 24/7?

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5 gallon bucket full of water, 300 watt aquarium heater set at 85F and put a lid on then run a fan across outside of bucket. Works pretty well.


I picked up something similar to this:
Space Heater for Indoor Use

Mine doesn’t have the digital readout or shutoff stuff, it’s in my garage and self-regulates with the assistance of my AC cloudline fan.

The real question is how big is the space you need to heat? 1500w is good for a small room (maybe 8x8 max) but won’t get you much further than that.

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Sorry for no specs, 4x4 tent a cellar not running the dehumidifier any more no need. Not the best pic 4x4 on other side, But it’s unfinished gets down to around 50 so far. I like the bucket of hot water it seems the safest, would that work in a tent that size ?

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I see you have heat duck right beside the tent you can tap into that. or pull your fresh air from your living space. Also possibly run lights at night And off daylight hours will help. Just my thoughts good luck.


Also it looks like you might have some cardboard under the tent. A sheet of styrofoam would be better or even a few more layers of cardboard will help

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I pull unheated air from a snowy outside, never hurt the plants. “low 50s with lights out” Had a heater in there, was not needed.

Thanks guys, yeah I have insulation boards they are sitting on, on top of wood with a layer of plastic Betty o keep out moisture

Between just saw that sorry

Small Oil filled radiator type electric heater with an inkbird temperature controller. I have one in each 4x4 works great…and safer than heaters with elements.


I got a pole mounting reptile lamp & inkbird controller.


Does it give off light? What color/type of light does it emit?

Cannot have light on in dark period of flower.

I just set it up. My tent is empty because I’m waiting on sprouts.

It’s a 150W ceramic lightbulb, so it only gives off heat. This is it turned on.

The lamp, 2 bulbs, and the inkbird cost $57 on Amazon.


What temperature are you getting in your tent with those?

@sandune I wasn’t sure if you were replying to me… Combining the heat from the light and supplementing it with the oil radiator electric heater and exhaust in/out I can keep my temps stable anywhere from 60F to 82F…depending on the stage and week the plants are in.

I haven’t tried growing in the winter yet and usually take off until late winter/early spring due to the extreme cold in an unfinished unheated basement upnorth midwest USA.

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Hey sorry life kinda happened. 2nd grow got put on hold, thanks for all tips


Hope all is well with you, man. :v: