Calmag, recharge, and jacks? Oh my!

Can they all be used together? I’m having some issues with my ilgm blueberry auto :woozy_face: she’s 56 days old in her 4th week of flower.

Yes, but I wouldn’t be using cal/mag when using Jack’s. Jack’s plus Epsom salt contains all the cal/mag your plant needs.

Be careful using Recharge. It is a microbe product that can dramatically increase nutrient uptake and lead to nute burn. A little bit of it is a good thing. A lot of it can be bad.


Those leaves are very dark green which means the nitrogen is high, not too high from the looks but my point is with Jacks part B is Calcium Nitrate so I would guess its getting enough Calcium already.
Those spots don’t look like Calcium def to me. Looks more like pest damage. Check under the leaves with a magnifier for critters.
Overall a good looking plant.


I had a major deficiency going into flower using the exact same combo you are. I had to swap to a flowering specific nutrient. I read a lot of post on here with people having to supplement for flowering with jacks. I like jacks so far but it seems it may lack in flower department. Just my experience not saying you need to.

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some of the spots look like water droplets. Are you spraying or used a humidifier?
I use Tribus and have backed off Jack’s about 25%.
This is day day 29 on 12/12. I have looked and can not find a blemish or any sign of deficiencies


I would simply reduce the concentration of Jack’s for your plants; especially being autos. Mix for 4 gallons but use five gallons: this will reduce it without changing the ratios. Or mix as normal and add fresh water until you hit your TDS. I’d shoot for no higher than 900 ppm in flower with autos.


Other than a few gnats I find zero pests :thinking: