Cal/mag question

Is it necessary to add cal/mag if i’m using jacks 321 along with silica and recharge? @Hellraiser @Bulldognuts @Budz @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @blackthumbbetty

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Yes u should be using cal/mag

Nope, no need for calmag with Jacks 321. Jacks has all the calcium (from the calcium nitrate) and magnesium (from the epsom salt) needed.


It isn’t needed so long as you are adding epsom salt (no fragrances or dyes) for magnesium.


Calcium and magnesium is in the Jacks schedule. Part B is the calcium, and magnesium is in the epsom salt.

If either are in deficiency, you can just increase whichever is needed.


I don’t know anything about Jacks. Sorry!

You’re covered. Jack’s 321 is a full basic hydro blend, part A. With extra calcium nitrate (the only soluble calcium there is) as part B. Then magnesium sulfate (optional magnesium option, could use a less organic magnesium and not have to worry about mixing in correct order and fully blah, blah, blah won’t get into that here). So as mentioned, it’s already got cal mag in it. But ofc. It’s not the same magnesium that would come in a calmag concentrate. It’s actually better. When used correctly. Since most calmags have amonnia based magnesium. Because that can’t cause the calcium nitrate to become calcium sulfate. Which is what happens when parts B and magnesium aren’t mixed properly or are just mixed too concentrated. Hence why it comes in three parts. As I said. Only one calcium is soluble. And it wasn’t calcium sulfate. So we know these aren’t the exact options available in any cal mag. But as far as “salt” nutrients go. They are basically organic. Unlike the ammoniated stuff, “general” calmag.


Why do I always miss my point…

If you want to use calmag with jacks. You don’t need part B or epsom salt. You can achieve the same as jacks 321 with just part A and calmag… Since that’s all that jacks 321 is. Part A itself is a complete hydroponic nutrient blend. With calcium and Magnesium added (calmag) in “salt” form. Instead of liquid. Because anything in a dried up/fully concentrated salt form is largely cheaper than something fully disolved and less concentrated in liquid.

So technically. Yes. You do need to add calmag to jacks part A. But that is exactly what part B and 1 are. Just a cheaper, not mixed, basic calmag. Jack’s 321 is a feeding/mixing schedule. When someone says jacks 222 they use the same stuff, just a different ratio during (2/2/2) during transition. But then go right back to 3/2/1 anyway.


Simple and correct answer :+1: