California Assembley Bill 1256

I really don’t go looking for cannabis info, but I ran across this bill that is on the table in California. It looks like it was presented back in Feb. of 2021 and is expected to last until some time in 2022.

What I read out of it mostly is how they’re trying to separate nonpsychoactive THC vs. psychoactive THC, or the fact that we can’t determine if someone is currently impaired by THC, we can only determine if it exists in the system.

I mentioned in another thread that NY recently passed law that make pre-employment drug screening as being illegal. This is a good read for all states as we are seeing a lot of change in the air…21 states now have recreational cannabis use. Close to half the states in the USA.

California AB-1256


The Gov is finally starting to get it. I remember years ago when I was running factories. Told the HR manager if she could get me some smoke that I could smoke once and stay stoned for 30 days I would quit work right then. You would have thought I stabbed her in the eye with a stick with her response.


I don’t know about that. You have to remember how this stuff is supposed to work. Your elected officials, the general assembly in this case, should be representing their constituents in writing and bringing these bills to a vote. If it passes, then should go to governor for approval. Sometimes is things the governor is in support of, and sometimes it’s not.

What if this passed with more exclusions than just ones listed, and then set a legal precedence for federal guidelines? Then the feds went wild with legislation that made non psychoactive cannibinoids legal, and big pharma led the way. That could potentially set us back 40 years.

I would much rather see time and money go towards devoloping testing procedures that could identify if someone was impaired beyond a reasonable doubt. People that say nobody has killed anyone being stoned are delusional. A little girl from my community was killed earlier this year by someone who had a lit bowl in their car. Blood draw supported high concentration of thc and no other substances known for causing impairment. We own being responsible users just as much as anything that can be directed at politicians.


Sorry to hear about the little girl, never said stoned or impaired people has never hurt anybody. There are many ways to be distracted wile driving or operating equipment. I agree better testing would be instrumental in identifying cause of accidents and users of whatever is a personal responsibility. How ever how can it be determined what distracted the driver. Changing radio station, phone, dropping something or looking at the pretty girl walking down the street, the fact they tested positive may be coincidental .
How stoned someone is, is a subjective term like drunk driving. Here alcohol limit is .08 that’s one beer, for some people that’s impaired some is not. If they are 5 times over the legal limit should not be driving.
What is a high concentration of THC? A friend of mine tested by his doctor said his was so high he did not to smoke any more for a wile. I am not trying to defend some one of responsibility, but who’s to say how long substances have been in their system and how high they may be.
Again not to make lite of the girls death but how accurate are the virus death numbers? Many who died with underlying health issues being listed as virus deaths. What does a positive for the virus mean I expect every to get it sooner or later. The number of cases is meaning less.

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Some employers here in NY are still drug testing, but marijuana is not being tested.

Well, I can’t click a like/heart for that… :frowning:

We’re gonna turn it, at least it really seems like moving out of prohibition in current times…