Burning a hole in my pocket

Okay @MAXHeadRoom … I know I’ve been MIA. Pictures coming soon. This no-till growing produces the sweetest most potent smoke - and for pennies. And easier than I could have imagined. I digress… I blame the gold leaf.

I have some money burning a hole in my pocket. I read through your “Bud Light” thread. Have your lighting recommendations changed?

I have a 3’ x 6’ garden bed I’m trying to light. Maybe two 3x3 lights?

Help me out old buddy


Make 2 lights like this. My grow area is a 3x6 so it should work

These are perfect for a 3x6 flower room


Can others enter into this dialogue? Or is the topic created to communicate with a specific person? I believe that there will be more optimal three lamps to this area. But here is the question of their power, drink about it in more detail, please.

What did you delete there? Barely had time to read it.

Topics posted here ARE…open postings. Meaning anyone who has some positive input or opinion can join the conversation.

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You never know, just asked what immediately teach the mind? I’ve been here quite recently, maybe I don’t know anything else of the non-public rules of this forum, so I showed respect and asked first. This is bad?


Bad? Heck, no. respect is automatic here…always.
Ur question was answered.

ask another


hi there pal hope your well
the led market in the UK is lacking behind I use 2 600w hps and get good yields in my 8ft x 4ft tent
I found some guy in the UK who builds led and sells them on eBay if I can find the specs would.you be able to give me advice as I don’t understand all the led jargon want to get something that gives me same yield as I all ready get but keep.electric cost down

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Unbranded Indoor Grow Light Kits for sale | eBay this is link to what he makes

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That’s what we all do here. Help and respect each other


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The products he is making with the quantum boards is comparable to the lights we are building on this forum. I don’t know if the price is comparable

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The HLG 260 says it will flower a 3x3 area. Would 2 of these be good?

I have some cash, but not enough to build 2 HLG 550 equivalents

What I have now is 4 blurple Viparspectra 600W to cover my 3’x6’ space. I yield well, but one of those is “supposed” to cover 3x3 and I have to use 2 in that area to get adequate coverage. Waste of money. Both to buy these and as far as electricity costs.

( https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Certified-Reflector-V600-Spectrum/dp/B019ETLC7M/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1544405858&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=viparspectra+600w&psc=1 )

Would it be best to…

A) make one HLG 550 equivalent and replace 2 of the VS. Save up until I can afford to replace the other side.

HLG 550: https://growerslights.com/collections/horticulture-lighting-group/products/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-550

B) make two HLG 260 equivalent and use those

HLG 260: https://growerslights.com/collections/horticulture-lighting-group-quantum-board-led-kits/products/horticulture-lighting-group-260-watt-quantum-board-led-kit?variant=8194390032485#shopify-product-reviews

Any and all input is appreciated.

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I do believe my lights are way over powered for my 3 x 6 area. I would go with option B. If that isn’t powerful enough, then you can always supplement the area with your other lights

Thank you for your insight. I was leaning that way… then I found a light mover…lol

HLG 550 on a light mover??

@MAXHeadRoom they cost between £250-£270 without going on exchange rate I’m guessing but I think that somewhere around $350 -$450 but I think it would save on electric over course of doing x amount of grows

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$320 at current rate @g-reg

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