Shall I convert to LED?

So am thinking about starting with something like this… but quite anxious in case all goes wrong and I spoil my ladies.
Anyone done it? Use them? Any advice people please? X

LEDs are awesome for using less power and longer life, but not all are created equal. I started with two similar lights in a 2x4 pulling about 800 watts wall power. They work ok, but get left in the dust compared to my two HLG 320 XL QB324 lights.
@dbrn32 is the expert on lighting here, but I recommend you hold out until you can buy the best lights you can afford. The “Chinese Blurple” lights are ok for a starter, but like me you might well upgrade later and end up paying more in the long run.


Well I’m really thinking about it… I’ve got 2 x 600w at min and bills are though the roof. 6 ladies in 5 gallon pots. Well thts what I’ve been doing in the past… at the min I’m having a go at growing from seed as opposed to clones. I don’t mind shelling out to start with if it’s gonna do well in the long run. Just didn’t know how they would react. Would I still need an exhaust system in place? As it obvs won’t be hot will it @Reticence? X

get a light according the size sqft area you want to flower.


If you are looking to replace the 600w lamps (HPS?) with LEDs and have the cash and are willing to do some DIY, go for the quantum boards described. There’s tons of posts on them.

I have something similar to the one you show and it’s fine for veg and early flower. I’ve never tried it though for full flowering, I use HPS for that.

1200w for six plants sounds like a lot for HPS and or MH. I’ve done 800w for a 2.5x3.5 foot space and thought it may have been overkill.

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My tent is 1m x 2m. So needs 2 Sep 600w. Well that’s what my set up originally was so I just kept it that way. But am seriously thinking Led’s need to go in. I’ve been reading bout the boards and seems a bit complicated for me :see_no_evil:. There seems to be ones out there than you can switch to bloom when the timings right. Would I still need to follow lighting schedule? Cheers @Sixpackdad x

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Switches on led panels just change the light recipe, you would still need to adjust light schedule on photoperiod plants.

In most cases you don’t really need the switches either. There are plenty of light options that are perfectly fine running same from seed to harvest.

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Yeah that’s what i thought. Just trying to keep my bills to a minimum. :persevere:

use a dimmer

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What do you mean? In what way? x

if you use a driver (provides power for LEDs) that has a dimmer nob or adjuster then youll be able to reduce wattage during seedling and veg then crank it up to max for flower to harvest

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Gotcha! :blush: is this an add on or do they come as part of? x

it depends on your driver.

@Sixpackdad mines 3.5 x 6.5 x

:see_no_evil::woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming: as ypu can probably tell I’m a newbie. I’m.looking at boards and looks like I’d probs need 2 to cover 1m x 2m x

two of these will do it. it seems pricey but you wont regret it


This includes everything id need?

ya i think so.

or u could get two of these

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That look a better as pre assembled and dimmer installed. I’m presuming it would need turning up in flower? Thanks you x

@stells the best advise I can give you is google how an led grow light actually operates. This includes what your plants need from the spectrum. Look at a few different lights, makers etc. It will help when deciding options, flower or dimmer switch etc. When i was first deciding to go bigger for light in was in the dark, pun intended. @dbrn and @Aolelon will definitely set u straight. The reason i suggest looking up light operation is then you will understand how much light and more of the technical things they talk about. When i first started asking about lights i was basically replying, “will that be enough?, two lights v one?” Because I didn’t understand the whole operation. Just a suggestion, it helped me better understand lighting. I have led and love them. Some will give a little more heat than others so u may have to put a fan on them but they are going to run way cooler than any other option at a lower cost. Welcome and i hope you get the information you need! :v::+1:

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