Bugs bugs bugs ? can you buy bugs like ladybugs

can you use a bug bomb. mist fogger​:beginner:. i will keep :books:reading. you guys are all great​:dog2:

I think amazon has ladybugs.

No bug bomb yes you Can buy lady bugs and mantis

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Can I go more than 12 hours of darkness and less light for flowering

You can what do you have going on?

Well since he askd and didnt get to help get a better answer… n i love to play devil’s advocate…

Say u wantd to drop the light bill. Could u drop ur lights as low n comfy as possible n run say… 10/14? N would that crush yield? Has someone done this here yet? :eyes::eyes:

I have but I Gradually work down to 1014

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We use lady bugs always all yr round. Get on Amazon, eBay, grow shop,etc…gnats are easier to get rid of but white flies are horrible… Those yellow sticky pads work awesome and can get on eBay for $30.00 for 100…Also use Dr. Bonners organic non scented baby soap with neem oil and spray under leaves also works good for us…”Bugs suck” literally!!!

Is this a ladybug or one of those lady beetles that r harmful to plants I’m in Missouri and found it in my tent??? Please help!!!

That looks like an asian something beetle. Looks just like a ladybug but isnt. Not sure if its helpful or harmful.

They are aphid eaters tho. Go good bug. They do however bite (very mild non toxic) and if startled, secrete a mildly annoying… secretion. So handle with care

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