Buds won’t bulk up

Stared 12/12 on 9/26 flowers out on 10/02 got buds on 10/10 then they have not bulked up its like the plant just stop seems like they aren’t even using water growing AK Fem am I missing something

Pictures would help us alot to help you :slight_smile:

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What lights are you using

2 400 watt cfl

Looks like you need a little bit more light they’re starving for light add 2-4 more and they will love you @Retired1

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I agree with @Hogmaster. Not enough light to produce sizable buds. They may get pretty potent though.

More light and more time. Most strains need at least 8 weeks of flowering.

Thank you will do that

Added 1000 watt led Tuesday 23rd now today tips of the leaves are brown dried out what went wrong

How close did you hang it?

10 inches away from top

I noticed the humidity was down to 30 so I got it up now they seem to be fine I think the extra light was much hotter causing it to drop