How do my buds look?

Hi girls and boys,
I am concerned about my buds slow growth.
The pictures are from week 4 of the flower stage.
12/12 light cycle, Foxfarm Big Bloom and Tiger bloom fertilizer.
Soil PH = 6% Temp= 68/73 Humid = average 38/45%.
They have packed on some weight but I don’t know if it’s enough.
I plan to harvest in 4 weeks.
What should I change if anything to help the buds?
Is it to late to trim the lower branches that are budding but very little light?Buds%2032%20days Buds%20day%2032B

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You certainly can remove lower bud sites that don’t get enough light.

Can you post a photo of the entire plant? That will give a better idea of how the plants are growing.

They actually look good @ 4Weeks. I’d just make sure that the lower buds are exposed to the lights by tucking or cutting off the fan leaves.


They’re coming along nicely.
Don’t 100% expect to harvest in 4 weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer.


Hi Merlin44,
This is my grow tent.
The plants have been growing since Feb 1st.day61B%20(1)

Wrong picture.
This is from week 11Week%2011

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It is difficult for me to tell for certain but it certainly appears as though they needed more light to reach their potential.


Hi MDSC_0001 erlin44,
the other pictures were altered to better show the plants.
This pic is from the top and the true amount of light they are getting.
Thanks for your time all to chat with me.

How long since you saw pistils? That’s the start of flower.


Does anyone think the leaves in 1st pic look really dark green ? Or is it just my bad eye sight.

I believe that you may need to increase your lighting and a little bit of LST would help by keeping the plant from being so tall and making your light far from your lower buds!!! IMO anyways Happy growing and best of luck!!

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they look like light starved indicas.???

what light r u using and how many watts does it use.?
actual watts used, not the advertised watts.!
what size tent.?
where do u measure the temps.? (bottom of tent, pot level, or at the tops)

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I agree. More quality lighting would help.

Hi JollyRoger

My advice would be to remove the buds that can’t catch enough light. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to harvest than 4 or 5 weeks. Have patience. In general, the buds are looking nicely