5weeks into flower

I’m 5 weeks into flowering 8 BD clones. Everything looks and smells amazing. Buds seem kind of airy? When should I see them bulk up? And what can I do to help them bulk up?

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Details indoor outdoor? lights nutrients you have to give us something to go on in order to help any


Indoor 4x4 tent 2) 600w leds. 8 BD clones. 4 in hydro 2X4 ebb&flow table. 4 in organic soil. All in a Scrog screen. I started screen way too late (2 weeks into flowering) but oh well. I know what to next time. Have 16" fan to circulate air. A 920 cfm fan & carbon filter for exhaust on both veg & flower tents. Co2 pad hanging. Today is the last day of the 5th week. Every smells amazing and is so frosty. I just feel like the buds could be bulkier. I know they do most bulkin last two weeks. But idk I was just curious as to see if anyone knows a fireside “do this” and they’ll fatten

Try getting lights as close as possible @Tdave1211

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While still getting coverage :wink: but at 5 weeks they will continue to fatten some yet still and in your pictures it does appear as though your light could come down a few inches. Also what are the actual watts of your lights I have seen more than a few 600w leds come in under 200w which would mean you are getting about 400w total and the same results you would expect for the wattage :wink: