In flower after 5 weeks

Is 5 weeks enough time in veg to put in flower…day 3 of flower.


Yes it’ll be fine, those are some nice looking plants!

  • good luck :thumbsup:
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It’s the same plant but thanks,


What did you do during the veg stage? I’d like to know your grow from seedling to now, that structure is gorgeous I’d love to know your method of madness :japanese_ogre::+1::pray:t3::v:


Well really i did every thing wrong from what i read and vids i’ve watched. but i changed my lights to cfl’s. made a soil mixture. and i feed using black magic nutes A and B. i’m still learning as i go. thanks.

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You did what wrong? Her branches and stalk are topped perfectly and they are curved with precision! :upside_down_face::+1:great job bro, serious

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Thanks, what i mean is i had them under regular light bulbs, and i topped the plant in the pic on the third node. and i was using tap water. but then i did research. and just let the plant do it’s thing. stay tuned. thanks again. how is yours coming along.

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Awesome bro good idea on the change to cfl’s you can still use your cfls exactly how they are now, and I’d suggest you get a supportive secondary lighting to broaden the light spectrum for optimal yield :+1:

Such as an LED :grin:

I haven’t started a grow this year just yet. 3 AmnesiaHaze Feminized on the way home to daddy as we speak :upside_down_face::smiling_imp::v:

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Ok well let me ask you, i have 2 250 watt led bulbs, Ultra performance. 4,321 lumens each,what do u think. too much or not enough.

Just on one plant? Not enough :smiling_imp: lol it’s all off preference budd

Honestly I would say it’s sufficient and you will grow a plant…I wouldn’t say it’s minimum requirements to grow what I feel you would want. Because who doesn’t want the best possible harvest? But what do you want, just enough… or the maximum yield possible?

We need info here:
The size of your grow space ( )
Lights you have are 2, 250watt LEDs 4,321 lumens each so 8,642 total lumens. That’s roughly 320 lumens per square ft if you have a 3x3 grow space. (I didn’t formulate for height)

Now with your grow space you want your foot print of your lights to match the size of your space.

I got this info below off of

Lumens per square foot:
Minimum amount of lighting needed is around 2000 lumens per square foot.
(Two – 23 watt CFL’s, per square foot*)

Mid range is around 5000 lumens per square foot.
(Three – 23 watt CFL’s, per square foot*)

Optimal is 7000-7500, or higher, lumens per square foot.
(Five – 23 watt CFL’s, per square foot*)

*I’m only using CFLs as a reference here, with the assumption they’re kept at a distance of 3 – 5 inches from the plant. It is important to understand that the “penetration” (the farthest measure that quality light reaches down into the plant canopy) will at best be only a few inches deep.

Watts per square foot (wattage per sq ft WILL vary by light source):

Minimum wattage per sq ft.: 30w
Mid Range wattage per sq ft.: 50w
Optimal Range wattage per sq ft.: 50-80w

Wow, you are the MAN, I really thank you for taking the time too school me. i heard some of this watching video’s, but looking at it i understand. i get it thanks again bro.stay tuned for updates

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No problem brotha! Your welcome my pleasure :smiley:I read read read when I’m home from work. I’m working hard everyday to make this the best possible year for my grow spot. Spring pics will be fun to upload. Thinking of investing in a nice camera just for it :drooling_face: I’m doing an outdoor grow

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Cool Brotha, can’t wait too see your masterpiece. the gopro is a good cam, takes nice pics. thanks again for the time and info.

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