Around how much will i yield?

Around 50 days veg. Im going to switch lights to 12/12 in 14 days. Total lumens 11,000
5 gallon pot.

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You have a handful of cfl’s? Plant looks kinda small, I’m going to guess not a lot.


What’s going on here with these leaves?

If you fill out a support ticket you can get help in many ways.

I agree w/ @dbrn32. A handful of cfls will veg a small plant, but one needs a lot more light to grow fat dense buds.


You might get 2oz cfl light are not worth using for growing they are okay for seeds or a couple clones i would buy a good led or even better a mh /hps light because your gonna be mad with the work you put in your plant but shooting your self in the foot with the lights you have

My plants grew and touched the cfls lol