What is REALLY your opinion of CFL lights

My first grow I used CFL lighting. My buds were not dense at all. Do you think this was due to the lights


Yes. Cfl’s work pretty good for vegging plants, unfortunately the lack of light intensity hampers their ability to flower well.


I’m on my fourth indoor grow and started with CFLs . 4 - 24 watt full spectrum and two 42 watt Luxlite.
My young plants loved the CFLs. Fast, healthy growth untill they got to be about 10 - 14 inches tall. Then I switch over to 600 watt MH or 300 watt LED, depending on the grow. Then I use my CFLs for supplementary lighting.


I have a light I built. 4- 125 watt. 20- 23 watt for a total of 960 true watts. Used a piece of 10" duct for reflector hood. It grew beautiful plants, just airy buds


@Steveo I am with you on that plan. Seedlings LOVE the CFLs. I use them early for seedlings then add them to the tent/LED setup for aux lighting.

@Grandaddy013 I made these from some parts I scavenged from two ceiling fans I changed out for a customer.
The 23w CFLs throw some serious light - they say they are 100w replacement/equivalent.

082617 Tent 450w LED 138w CFL

Great way to increase your watts per square foot without introducing much heat. I’m @ ~70w/sq ft with these added to my LED light - I believe the minimum you want is ~50w/sq ft.



Bud density is directly attributable to high intensity lights. CFL’s generally will not produce density unless you are using 2-3 of the 125-200 watt models. :slight_smile:
Happy growing.

Check our ILGM buyers guide got an IPower 600w digital system. I use that and I get dense buds :smiley:


@Grandaddy013 do you have a pic of the light you built? I always like checking out what others come up with.

@RookieReefer the spectral benefits of adding fluorescent to other type of lighting can be huge. But we have to take adding the cfl’s with a grain of salt. The 50 watts per foot we chase is a target based on hid lighting. As latewood stated, it’s not the same type of light, therefore we have to look at differently. Not that there’s anything wrong with what you’re doing, but 70+ watts per foot is typically too much light. And it certainly doesn’t appear that will be an issue.

You can maximize the output of cfl’s by mounting them horizontally and using a reflector. Then angle them so the majority of light is getting to your canopy, instead of off to the side as pictured.

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@dbrn32 very cool man thanks for the tip. I’ll see what I have around to make-up a few reflectors for those.

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@dbrn32 Best I can do for now/tonight. They definitely reflect the light downward without interfering with the LED or messing with the air circulation too much.

@latewood Thanks for that note - the cfl’s will likely be coming out, or mounted horizontally as you suggested - when I add another LED. My “first run” taught me many things - this time I’m making sure I provide ample light so as not to stretch these babies.

082817 Reflectors

All you guys/ladies that freely offer up your knowledge and advice in this forum rock!
It takes a village. Hopefully a farming village - but you know what I’m saying…

Thanks Again!!!


Here’s a pic of one of my first diy systems… :wink:

It kicked ass… still use it in emergencies… :wink:
Only in veg… :wink:



@RookieReefer what is the color temp of those bulbs? They look a little orange, which is typically a warm white. During veg, you want cold white if you don’t already have them. Something between 5000k and 6500k.

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I like the reflectors btw. You definitely don’t want them interfering with your led, so however you can come up with to get them horizontal and facing your plants.

The main goal is to get the largest part of your bulb toward the plants. Then get a reflector around the rest of the bulb, so you can redirect at least some of the light you would otherwise be losing. There’s no right way to do it, however you feel you can make it work best. But you’re definitely headed in the right direction.

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I dig it! Pretty classic example of stoner ingenuity lol.


Haha that’s awsome @peachfuzz


I’ll see what I can come up with tomorrow as far as a horizontal mount. Those bulbs are actually 2700k right now. So It looks like I’ll be swapping those out tomorrow. All good man - I appreciate the guidance.

I really like what @peachfuzz did as well.


Peachfuzz has a pretty cool set up. You can go that route, but it’s not necessary. Any of the home improvement stores or probably local hardware stores will have parts you can make work. The have lamp adapters with receptacles on the side, and 2 prong to e27 adapters that can do it for literally a couple dollars. Just keep an open mind, and you’ll find something that works.

Getting away from those 2700k bulbs will help a ton on its own. Once you get a colder temp bulb, don’t be afraid to get them close either.


Does anyone know about t5 4 tube bulbs I have flowering bulbs and veg bulbs is this enough to grow a ak47 auto or two?

What bulbs do you have for flowering?

It will probably do one if you keep the light close, but the buds will be kinda fluffy. I don’t think they have the intensity to run high enough to create the footprint needed for more than 1 auto. You could probably do 2 photo’s on a short veg time, but that’s about all I would expect.

The fluorescent fixtures are great for vegging, not so much for flowering plants.

It seems to be making my bagged seed bud but I have 4 cfl lights going too. I they are 1600 lumens

They will absolutely bud if kept on the correct light cycle. Size and quality of buds won’t be great, but they will definitely grow weed.