Clones for beginners

New 2 clones took 2 clones off a kind of mid Flowering plant decided to try and Grow them any Veg Light Suggestions ? Anything is helpful !! Their up in peat pellets now.


Put a dome on them to increase humidity. Remove lid everyday to get fresh air inside. Spritz dome with water. Mist leaves and close n keep warm.

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Also man do you think a 400w led light is to much for a 2 by 4 tent?

But thanks Well Appreciated!! @GhostGrow

I use peat pucks also for my clones as @GhostGrow said make sure you’re humidity stays high in the 80% to 90% range i use a propagator with a heat mat set to 75F as far as light goes i use a few HLG V2 3000k fixtures all of my plants do well and you are gonna run a 18/6 light schedule no reason you shouldn’t have transplantable plants within the next week also did you use any type of root hormones at all like clone X?

Is that a true from the wall 400w?

And yes im thinking about purchasing another light, I have a true 165 out the wall, and I did use clone x and peat pots @LiesGrows

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Should be fine for vegging i think not 100% sure id ask @dbrn32 he’s the light guy and will point you in the rite direction for lighting

Any suggestions @dbrn32 any would be appreciated

Sounds like it would be ok for vegging a 2x4. You would probably want more light for flowering though.

Be mindful of how much moisture is in the peat pellets. Imo they are a little more difficult to get clones to root in.

What about the par value whats the Highest you recommend im not useing co2, and why is it more difficult to clone them in peat pots? @dbrn32 and the 400w light is at 45w per square ft and the 165w is at 41w per square ft. , will the 400w light burn my plants? In a 2ft by 4ft tent

Dont forget to increase ur light time on those clones. They’ll still be in flower when cut, and u need to bump em to 24-0 for a couple weeks to force revegging

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@PurpNGold74 Alright cool and im working on getting another light sunraise s2000 but it comes Sunday and clones have no light right now and ill try out the 24-0 For a Bit

Throw them in a window seal. And when the sun goes down, toss em in a bathroom with the light on. They wont be growing strong strong til u get em some good light. But long as u keep them constantly lit up, they’ll begin revegging and rooting

Alright cool will do man thanks for the Info!! Just gotta wait till Sunday and ill give em the 165w @PurpNGold74

I wouldn’t go any higher than ppfd average of 1000 umols per second. 800ish would be pretty ideal.

I’m not sure, I think maybe they hold too much moisture.

Alright Thanks Man so the dude At my Hydroponic store said my 400w light should be fine in a 2ft by 4ft its True Power out the wall is 406 watts And when i put it in ill have 50.75 wats per square ft. Just little nervous on the Bigger light i don’t want Burn my girls or bleech them @dbrn32 and that is tru for peat pots they hold up to over 7 times their weight in water

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I tried them once, didn’t like and moved on to rapid rooters. I never really investigated why though. I’m guessing with all the water the plant isn’t motived to root very quickly.

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I would bet rock wool holds more then 7x its weight in water … I see numbers of a saturated rockwool cube holds
80% nutrients(water)
15% airports (air)
5% rockwool fibers
To me that means its holds 16x its weight in water I guess it’s a more porous medium

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I feel dudes At my store Saying they prefer Rockwool for clones its easier or sumn im try it out next run

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