Going to try some clones

So I would like to do a few clones. My question is can I put them in my tent with the other plants? I am running a iPower 600 Watt HPS light. How far away would I put them.

U can but I would shield them from that light so they arent getting direct light from it. Wait till they get rooted then I’d open them back up to the light. I take a milk jug and cut the bottom off. The. take that jug and place it over the top of a solo cup with a clone in it let that roll for like 9 or 10 days, remove the jug and u got a good healthy clone that’s rooted.

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do you mean just shield them from the light with the dome? or something more

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I don’t shield the clone. I trim off 80-90 percent of the green. Use hormone rooting powder, on a split stem. And, peat plugs to root in. Have had good success.

Dont know of this will help but this is how i do my clones.