Buds loose density

This is about my 6th grow, my plants looks beautiful all through the cycles, my buds are huge and dense while growing. When it comes to harvesting, my buds loose all their density and become very airy. What am I doing wrong? Every grow the buds are beautiful but become almost nothing when drying. Help please… I’m about to give up😞

What is your drying/curing process?

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The first 5, I dried individual branches, hung upside in cool vented dark room, with a fan on lowest setting for circulation, to prevent mold.
This grow I’ve dried the whole plant, same process as branches. Thinking maybe that was the problem. Same thing, I could barely get my hand around some of the buds, example of how dense they were, now just mush, still drying but lost all density.
It happens to both my outside and inside grows. :disappointed:

How long are you letting them flower?

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There are a number of potential issues here. Pictures would help us help you by enabling us to visualize what is going on.


8-10 weeks, till my pistols are curled and 75% + are turned.

I have a feeling it’s being harvested to early or there is a lack of light.

Or the strain just grows that type of buds due to genetics.

Pistils should be all mature, almost always.


Can’t send pics right now need to trim still. But I’ll send a pic of one still growing.

The plant in pic was brought outside memorial weekend. This one isn’t ready yet.

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I don’t look at pistils. My concern is for trichomes. I look for the start of amber on the buds (not the sugar leaves).

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This strain is girl scout cookie extreme. As for light, they’ve been outside since memorial weekend, which they were about 4 week saplings when they went outside. The one that I harvested already was further along for some reason ,they were started at the same time. The pistols were curled and the tricomes were amber and shooting small shoots off the leaves on the harvested one.

I had the same thing happen to me my flowers on my plant was dence and smelt amazing but when it came to harvest it lost its smell and the buds got airy how ever during the curing the buds got some of that dence back but the amell didnt come back yet but when u would break a bud it smelt amazing again all and all its a great smoke


What does that mean?

I put some plants out in late May and they all went into flower. I didn’t realize this until they went into reveg. It was a mess. Next year I plan on putting them outside late June.

Trichomes were building up like a shoot? I’m still a newbie, if there’s another term? Lol

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Don’t pay attention to the leaves. Those are some of the oldest trichomes and will start showing amber long before the plant is ready. Also, any trichomes produced in the final stages will be the last to mature. The idea is to find a happy medium usually starting once most of the trichomes on the bud are cloudy. This usually in the 8th week of flower. Allowing the plant to grow past that point means larger buds with lower potency (THC will degrade). In truth you have about 3 or so weeks where your plant’s potency will be between 92-100%.

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It’s most likely powdery mildew decreasing your leaf mass in the weeks before harvest that’s my issue anyway with some