Budget LED under 200 usd

If you guys had to choose between an HLG 135 v2 rspec or a Viparspectra XS2000(or the SpiderFarmer/MarsHydro equivalent), both under 200 usd right now, which one would you get, planning in getting another of the same light later?
End goal would be aiming for 1 pound dry herb inside a 4x4, not necessarily fill the whole tent with plants, more like running a 3.5x3.5 SCROG or similar area inside that 4x4 tent…
I was thinking 2x HLG 135s would be about perfect for that goal…
But if you guys think getting the slightly larger Chinese boards under 200 usd would make sense to maximize yield, maybe i would try and get an SF2000 or an XS2000 down the road…

I already ordered 1 HLG 135 v2 Rspec, should get here next week…

My problem from Colombia is that if anything i buy breaks the 199 usd barrier, i have to pay almost an extra 40% on top of anything i want to import here.
So ill only be getting sub-200 usd stuff each time for my grow (basically once a year)…
Efficiency is top priority, as im always on a budget…

Thanks a lot for any thoughts on this
And happy growing :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Hlg is the way to go IMO


I would definitely go with the HLG lights. Two 135 would be a better fit for a 3 x 3 space Start to finish, or one 260 v2 rspec. For the 4 x4 space to efficiently light you would need to 260 V2 R-Spec XL. I understand tight budget HLG would be a good choice. Just my thoughts good luck my friend ! :+1::v:


Can’t go wrong with HLG.


One thing that might help you make up your mind is they have a discount code at check out of 10% off when you put the code DUDE in

I know that’s not much but every little bit counts

Also some members have gotten great deals by calling their sales department and they will work with you to find the best your budget will allow


Tough to compare
The vipar is 240 watts and $250 (list per vipar)
Mars ts1000 and hlg 135 are each 150 watts
Spider farmer SF1000 or SF2000 ($280) are 100 and 200w respectively. Personally I do not see a lot of value in a 100w light except in veg spec
Sono farm has a 200w QB light for $220


Thanks everyone for the responses!
I definitely recognize HLG as a higher quality light compared to the Chinese, but some of these Chinese boards sound good enough (Samsung +meanwell) in a bigger footprint format, that i almost got one (XS2000) instead of the HLG 135…
Im really happy about getting an HLG, but i know it’s not enough yet, i need at least another one soon…
Im vegging with a Roleadro 3500k “800w” that draws something like 185W or so, which is fine to veg with, but definitely it is a crap light and im pretty sure it will die soon, like all the other Chinese blurples i had before it…

Could any of you guys figure out how much power this thing uses from the label?


The light in that brand advertised as a 1000 watt light wattage pulled from plug 135 watts . The 800 would be less.


This one lol


I have personally used the Viparspectra PAR600 and I had two of them. I would save up and get an even better HLG light.

My Vipar’s couldn’t compete with my HLG’s.


I got this Roleadro as a “test light”, if you look at the model, it’s not found on Amazon or anywhere apart from china…
It says "32x4"on the label, i was thinking maybe 128W real for the boards + the fans…
They changed the name 2 different times around the time they were trying to sell it on Amazon a few years back, and this same model was sold as a 1200W or even a 600W…
It was 110 usd if i remember correctly…
I probably will just turn it off as soon as the 135 Rspec is here, maybe use it when Flowering later, until i get another 135W…

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He has a single purchase price limit around 200$

Solid choice @DMD


Thanks man, im pretty happy, but also anxious about having to wait some time before i get another 135…

I was having doubts about if it was maybe better paying for more area coverage on a Chinese double board under 200 usd(with discounts they can be found under 200)

But the more i read around here, the more i know i made the right choice, can’t wait!


Maxisun PB2000

I just got the xs1500 but that is for a 2x2…i see xs2000 for under 200 on ebay…thats probably barely 1/2 of what you need what you need

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