Bud site spacing

Hey everyone finally got a successful grow so far from ilgm NYC diesel af which im stoked about just curious if i should be concerned about the buds being so close together


They do look a bit tight, what I’ve done when that happened was gently put a string on the buds and clip the string to the side of the pot. It encourages the buds to grow out instead of straight up. I normally removed them in a couple of weeks, once the plant has decided she’s going to grow the direction I want.

They look very healthy, so I doubt this will cause them any issues.


Greetings. I use bread ties to pull branches to the sides and tape them to pot

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I do have them tied down but the one plant which is on top left in the photo the main stem i tied down but theres like 4 or 5 bud sites that are close but not long enough to be tied down on there own if that makes any sense