Bucked buds a little early. Best way to dry and cure?

First grow for us, Blue Dream strain. 3 plants total but we harvested them all at different times. The last one hung and dried 2 days later than the other 2, and it looks much better. Any tricks to help the other 2 that we harvested early ?

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Not the biggest deal they’ll just speedier highs( and slightly weaker) look into getting grove bags most of us are switching to those for their ease and cheapness

Best ways for dry and cure ive found that work here in michigan for me. Hang whole tree 5 to 10 days. When buds feel crisp outside and moist inners i trim and jar with meters in jars. If the rh gets over 70 i leave buds sit spread on a tray for a whike jar again til next day. Keep doing this til rh gets to stick around 58 to 62 in jars. Once the jars hold beyween 58 and 62 u can keep them closed and only open once a week for gas exchanges. If u jar the buds and 24 hrs later the rh is not atleast 58 to 62 then its too dried and need to get moisture in somehow a bit. Fresh leaves off a plant work great just throw in jar and close. Buds will pull the moisture from leaves. Good luck. The longer the dry the better the taste will most likely be.


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