Bubble cloner questions

Is this ok idk novice hydo wanna be here . Home made bubble cloner water and nutes ph at 7
This was my first time adding nutes ,

I’m gonna wash off every thing clean cloner and add new water.

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Sorry bad pic but I was refuring to the nute build up on the stalks is that ok?

I would shave the stems at the nodes what happens is the leafs under water rot creating bacteria which will infect stem making it in essence rot too. simply take razor and cut off leaf node flush to stem then re-dip


Will do thanks boss

light proof that container some too most of the build up you are seeing is early algae starting in your cloner


O wow I though it was just the nute build up .
That is just a prototype and a quickie really I couldn’t find the tupaware I wanted , headed to Walmart and hydro store tomorrow for supplies.
But yes your very right about light puffing.
Thanks @Donaldj

@donaldj do you recommend nutrients in the res, or just water? I’ve personally done both, but I’d love to hear what you think while we’re on the topic!


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Love LK and super thrive for cloners but in a pinch I use micro and bloom ppm around 150 but honestly don’t need just keeps them better looking