Bubble bags-step by step

I hope this is acceptable and an okay place to post. I’ve talked to a couple of people here on the Forum and they seem interested in making hash with ice bubble bags using leftover trim and small buds.
If anyone has done this before and has any critique, ideas, criticism, advice, etc, I’m all ears. I’m always willing to learn to do something a better way. As for now this is the way I’ve done it and it seems to work for me. I do get good results. I think all of you will too. This little step by step on how to use the Bubble Bags is more or less a combination of my own trial and errors and watching YouTube videos. I tried to pick and choose what works best for me. this is what I came up with.

Materials: drill with a paint mixer attachment, 5 gallon bucket, Bubble Bags (5 gallon sized), paper towels, lots of ice ( like the size of bag of ice you can get from the gas station), a plate, 25 micron press screen, Frozen trim ( place any material you want to use in the freezer the night before making your hash. I hear that it’s supposed to help the trichromes come off easier), a spoon, wax paper, ice cold pitcher of water, and rubbing alcohol.

Bag order: smallest Micron size bag goes first into the five gallon bucket followed by increasing Micron size bag placed into the previous bag all the way to the top of the five gallon bucket. In my case the order would go 25 microns 73 microns 120 microns 160 microns and then my 220 Micron “work bag”.

Pre mix: Take 5 gallon bucket fill the bottom with enough ice to cover the bottom of the bucket. Place bags smallest to largest microns into 5 gallon bucket. Place ice first into bottom of 220 Micron work bag. Then take trim and add that to the work bag. Continue alternating between ice and trim until a few inches from the top of the bucket. Fill the bucket with as much water as you can but leave room to mix. Let ice water and trim sit for 20 minutes to get cold.

In the mix: stir the mixture for 15 min with the drill and paint mixer attachment. Move mixer all around to create foam on top of the ice water/trim mix in the bag. let the freshly mixed solution settle for 10 minutes. Add more ice if needed. Stir the mixture solution for another 15 minutes with the drill and paint mixer attachment. It is okay once again if a white foam appears on the top of your mix solution. Let the freshly mixed solution settle for 20 minutes for all trichomes to settle on the bottom of the bags.

Harvesting the hash: slowly remove each bag one-by-one allowing the cold water to drain into the next bag by holding each bag over the following bag. If any trichomes are stuck to the sides of the bags and or the screen, gently wash the sides of the bag with ice cold water from the pitcher to gather the trichomes on the center of the screen. Dry off the bottom of the bags with paper towels and or place the used bag in a safe place to drain/ice to melt. Take the bag that is emptied of water, containing hash, and take your spoon and scrape off any and all trichomes that have gathered on the bottom of the screen. It may be necessary to fold the bag so you almost turn it inside out to make it easier to scrape the screen. Take hash from your spoon and place it on a half side of the 25 micron press screen. Lightly dab the screen with paper towels to remove excess water. Repeat this process for each bag until done.

Freezing and drying hash: place the folded 25 micron screen with all your hash onto a plate that has a piece of wax paper on it. take the plate with the hash and wax paper and place it into a freezer for 30 to 40 minutes. It just needs to be frozen enough to easily pick the hash off of your 25 micron press screen. After your hash is frozen take another plate with a piece of wax paper on it and place each frozen piece of hash onto that wax paper and plate. Spread out the pieces of hash so there is room for them to thaw and dry. This will also keep the different colored and sized hash separate. It takes about a week little more a little less depending on how thick your hash is, etc. I usually wait long enough so there’s no doubt its dry. Basically the outside of your gob of hash will turn a darker color compared to the inside. It should break open and feel almost soft and malleable. It should crumble when dry.

Clean up: first discard of all your leftover ice and trim mess however is best for you to quietly dispose of. Take each bag one at a time by placing them into the empty 5-gallon bucket but now instead of water and ice you put some of your rubbing alcohol enough to cover the bottom. Roughly half an inch deep. Let the bag soak for a couple of minutes and then wash clean with water and hang to dry. Repeat for each bag.

in no way do I think this is the end all be all way to use your bubble bags. As a matter of fact if anybody has any opinions I would love to hear them. I’m always up for streamlining my process. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. I hope it works for anyone who tries it. Another thought I have is it would be a good idea to watch a few YouTube videos to get a visual idea of what I’m trying to explain in writing. I could have messed something up along the way. Take care and thank you for your time. I hope this helps.


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I hope I did this right


Thank you so much for doing this @neckNflu. Sounds quite simple. I will look at youtube and watch the process too. I have already checked out the bags on Amazon.

I’ll have to wait for fall harvest, as my one little auto growing now won’t provide enough trim. This is great fun. Good idea.


My pleasure. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I appreciate that.
Yeah it’s what I do too, I don’t do it after every run as I only grow for myself. so it’s usually every two or three? Basically when I have enough trim left over it gives me something to do with it rather than throw it away. That’s basically why I got this. when I first started I had no idea what you were supposed to do with all the leftovers. It’s nice not to waste anything.
When you do get to the point that you might pick some bags up if you have any questions please ask. I’ll be happy to go over what I know with you.
If you pick up any nuggets of wisdom please let me know also. I no expert but I’m trying to get there haha thank you have a nice night


A bubble ice hash run makes great product but is also a little time consuming and takes a little more patience…

Maybe try a first run with dry ice instead of bubble hash. You can mash this down into little hash bricks. It’s really nothing more than keif, same stuff in your grinder


Dry ice is a good way to go but you need to be careful youll shake everything out even your flower material if your not careful folks
I agree that bubble hash is time consuming
both are good techniques and I use both depending on my mood


Thank you for the information @Countryboyjvd1971 and @TDubWilly . I appreciate that. I have heard about the dry ice method from somebody on this forum. I can’t remember who it was but it is something I would like to try sometime. I would at least like to try it once. Just to see what it’s like and compare. Thanks for taking the time to read my little post. I appreciate that. Have a good morning.

The video was awesome. Thanks for posting that. That is definitely something I’m going to try sometime. I love the idea of using a small hash bag over a container. Maybe I could fold my 5 gallon bag around and find a little bucket to put it over or a big cup? Maybe rubber band it to it? I don’t know but I’m going to play around and try and figure this out.
It’s sort of funny you posted this. just the other day leaving the grocery store I noticed they had a dry ice container on the way out the door. I remember thinking oh that’s cool I know where to find dry ice should I ever need it. Haha well here we are.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my post and then post an awesome video. I appreciate that. Have a good morning


Thanks for creating this topic @neckNflu was debating what to do with my trim. Now at least I have an idea . It’s between that or making some oil.


Thank you for stopping by and reading. I appreciate that. If you look on Amazon and decide to go with the Bubble Bags they have lots of options and some pretty good prices.
That’s basically why I started making hash. When I first started growing I had no idea about what I was supposed to do with all that leftover trim and small buds. So at least this way I don’t feel like I’m wasting as much.
I think it was @timmyv324 who has an awesome magic or better butter maker. I looked up that machine and it looks like sweet. Timmy V actually posted some pictures of butter he made with it. It looked awesome. Good luck on deciding what to do with your leftovers. If you go with oil or the hash making please let me know how it turns out. Have a good morning


When you ise the dry ive you just need your 25 micron bag a gew small
Pieces of dey ice and your product shake lightly what for color change when it changes your getting flower material
I usually shake it lightly for a min or so stop collect kief them shake again youll get two different grades using a white background help with seeingbthe color change fyi
I use a piece of white plastic or a white plastic 5 gallon bucket
Dont shake to hard kief will go everywhere lol


That’s terrific. Thank you very much for explaining that and for the tips. I’m writing it down in my little notebook. I’m going to give this a try as soon as I can.
I loved in the posted video how the guy was using that credit card to scrape up a pile of kief. That looks like a lot of fun!


Excellent write up @neckNflu, thank you for making the effort.:+1::sunglasses:


Thank you for stopping by and reading it. I appreciate it. I hope if somebody gets some of those bags I hope they work out well for them. I enjoy using them.
Did you see the post from @TDubWilly @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Nug-bug ? Their dry ice hash method looks pretty cool. I’m going to try it sometime.
Thanks everyone for checking it out. And thanks for the new ideas and advice! I just wrote a little thing down in my notebook. Love this forum.


Here a picture of my bucket last time i ran some dry ice

This was the first run
Fyi most welding supply shops carry dry ice


Oh my gosh. That is awesome! Thank you for sharing. This gives me something to compare to. I always like a frame of reference so I can see if I’m on the right track when I first try something new.


No way! Are you kidding me?! That is a beautiful jar of kief! You got all that from one harvest?


I know?! Right? That’s wild. It’s amazing. I hope/wish I can get to your guys’s level someday.

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Thanks for stopping by the post and checking it out.

Now I’m really excited to get started with this. I still have a few weeks left till my next harvest.