Bubba Kush - new for me 2023

This is my first time growing this variety of auto, is there anything I need to know?
Germinating my seeds now for outdoor grow.


Nope i have not but following along. :metal:


There’s not a whole lot of difference between the strains from a growing perspective. Treat it like any other auto.

The main differences between the strains are the terpine profiles and cannabinoid (THC, CBD, CBN,…) content, some coloration characteristics at maturity, and in some cases environmental tolerance at the extremes.


I read somewhere that this could tend to get tall, was just wondering.

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Environmental conditions (primarily lighting) is far more of a significant factor in plant height than strain might be.

I choose strains based on terpine and cannabinoid profiles and ignore other data from seed sellers. The other metrics seed shops put out (height, THC percentage, flowering time, yield estimates,…) are based on ideal conditions and aren’t really a good estimate for a hobby grower who can’t replicate ideal grow conditions. I’ve never seen valid research that supports the claims they make. You see legitimate sites unaffiliated with seed shops like Leafly.com don’t really put up these supposed strain metrics.

Here is an extreme example of the difference lighting can make:

Good lighting:

Inadequate lighting:


Since I’m growing outdoors I won’t be able to move the sun.
I’m an experienced grower but never grew this variety before.


Sorry. I missed that in your original post. :blush:


ILGM strain info describes its height as average. What it doesn’t say is if average is for a basketball player or a jockey.
I have grown purple kush and Afghan photos indoors. Neither were large plants


!0 days from germination.

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Slow growth, temps hit the upper 40’s a few nights.

4 weeks old…

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BBKA 5 weeks old.

I think my plant has gone hermie!
Will get pics to be sure. Weather has been funky and all the smoke from Canada here ( wish you cannucks didn’t all light up at once when it became legal ).

Is this going hermie???

This is the whole plant as of today.

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Hey there,

It’s not a hermie. :call_me_hand:t3:

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Thanks! I have never seen that in all the years I have grown.
That’s a load off my mind!

Newest photos of my Bubba Kush Auto.

Here are the newest pics of my Bubba Kush Auto:

More photos of progress of Bubba Kush Auto.