Bruce Banner Questions

I’m in week 4 of veg for this plant and it’s easy to imagine why it’s called Bruce Banner. This plant is very vigorous in it’s growth. This is a 3 gal. pot. I have removed the first fan leaves and pinched the very top shoot.

1st question: I’d like to defoil this plant due to how dense it’s veg state is. Is this a good idea now? My intent is to has this grow under a SCROG net soon as I change to flower.

2nd question: I want to remove some lower branches to defoil and use for clones. Is this good now? The clones will grow outdoors.

3rd question: Every time I grow I use a SCROG net but just as I go to a flower light cycle. The stretch kills me with too much veg and I end up with a lot of airy buds. Should I start my veg cycle pre-planning for the stretch to better manage it? That’s my thought this time.


I would avoid any defoliation at this point.

Absolutely. Although as plant gets bigger you’ll have more choices.

I start the SCROG late in veg and do not flip to flower until 90% of the cells are filled.

This is more light-related: insufficient light will always produce airy flower.


Agreed with above. You can do some lst over the next couple weeks, and when you have more actual plant, you’ll have more choice for clones.


I did get a new light source and this is the first grow with it. It’s much stronger and larger.

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With the new light are you able to hit 200 watts per plant? If not you may want to add some more light.

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It’s only one plant and the lamp is a BESTVA 2023 Upgraded BP1000 LED Grow Light. 1,000 watts and it’s dimmable.

You’re light is only 105 watts. It is fine to veg under while they’re small but totally inadequate to flower out even one plant. This is deceptive marketing in action.

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I’m not debating this and I’m sure your right but this light got a lot aof great reviews and it’s better than the one I use to have. So far my plant looks great and is growing vigorously.

The BB looks great and will flourish under this light in veg but the bud development will be compromised/ not reach full potential. AKA airy and fluffy buds at harvest :love_you_gesture:

Somebody on the forum put up a bad review of a light and was contacted and offered payment to change their review. Fake reviews are common. Like OG pointed out this light will not carry you through flower.

Okay I got it. My light isn’t up to standard. I need 300w for flower?

On a light meter I’m at 600 and when I go to flower I am closer to the plant putting out 800-1000 on the meter. Is this good?

PAR? Lumens? LUX? DLI? The only accurate meter I am aware of is a quantum sensor (Apogee Instruments) that will cost you more than your lights.

The only real metrics used for light in cannabis growing is Daily Light Integral and Photosynthetically Active Radiation. Information on this can be found readily on the forum and on the 'Net.

The simple fact is overseas makers have been making ridiculous claims about light performance for years (seriously) and many of us (myself included) have been caught up in these outright lies. There are a few light companies that do not do this; like Horticulture Lighting Group for example. Quality LED’s will cost you approximately $1/watt of output and with inferior lights you have to look at actual watts pulled from the wall rather than output as they can’t be trusted to provide good data.

The light you have will flower out a plant but inadequate in the amount of light it produces. You would need two of those lights per plant to get dense flower. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s simply the way the world works right now.

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But in the amount of Watts, how many watts should I be looking to use, in general?

You want around 200 watts per plant to adequately flower out one plant. The difference can be amazing: from a yield of 2 to 3 oz. to 10 to 14. From the same plant.

Took this one down yesterday: 200 watts of quality LED’s and will deliver 12 oz. of primo flower.


A few years back I got an invitation from bestva to get a free light, all I had to do was to agree to give it a five star review. I didn’t answer the email.

So you don’t like their lights at all?

Rule of thumb for almost all grow lights sold on Amazon is remove a zero from whatever the advertised wattage is and that’s close to the actual. Best to ask around here and get several different opinions before making any major equipment purchases. There are too many charlatans and Johnny come lately companies out there preying upon new growers ignorance to rely on reviews.


The first LED light I bought was from BestVa, a blue/red or “blurple” light with veg/flower switch. The fact that I registered it was why they invited me to get a free light, but I’m not going to guarantee a 5 star rating on something that I’ve never tried. I have since moved on from blurple lights so I gave that light to a neighbor.

There are a handful of manufacturers who sponsor “reviews” where their lights always rate near the top, even though commercial operations would never waste their time on the lights in these reviews.

I’ve discovered that better lights get better results. I also feel that lights with more than enough capacity keep the plants more compact so they don’t outgrow the space.

The problem with that is they are too much money. I know, you get what you pay for. The reviews I read seem to pertain to someone like me with one plant to grow. I was never looking to start a small grow business, just some good weed to smoke. What’s your suggestion for a light?

To suggest a light one needs to know the size of your flowering space.

Obviously the light you are using works well for vegging your plants. With two grow spaces you can start new plant(s) and harvest it/them every other month.

Just something to think about