Bruce Banner help!

Just start growing, Got the GSE. GOA and Bruce Banner. Let’s talk only about Bruce Banner. First put down 4 seeds to geminate. Two cracked barely so decided to pot them all. 3 popped in about 4 days one is hanging on by a tread two little leaves is all. Now the first three that was potted is still growing but man they are slow. So I decided to drop 2 more seeds to germinate. One busted out like one inch tale in a day. The other took two more days but I went and planted. Now here we are to the question??
I have two at my house, my son took two to his house. Different soil different light, same nutes. ILGM nutes.
But the first three are all getting brown rust spots on the leaves. Yes the one he took and planted is doing the same thing. Only thing the same is the Nutes.
Any help with this and let’s get to the first ?? PH 6.5, light 24/7,exhaust yes, air intake yes. Temp and humidity is pictures.
Just don’t know what it is, you can see the GSC, and GOA they looking good for 2 weeks. From reading other people have problems with the BB also.

Thanks for your help.

Ok first thing I notice is a lot of wet looking leaves and a light on them

This might not have anything to do with your spots, but it’s bad news as the drops turn into little magnifying glass :mag: and fry your babies

I had just sprayed them, I keep all the plants on the dry side. Just took pictures after watering . But good looking out I will watch that.