1/4 Bruce Banners showing some issues

Hi all, I have 4 Bruce Banners growing indoors with organic soil, they are on day 46 of their flowering cycle and for the most part they have been fine, trained them and flipped to flower with no issues.

One of the plants is showing signs of what could be light stress, nutrient burn or maybe potassium deficiency but can’t tell, they were top fed last week with Gia greens and worm castings.

Any advice on what to check or what it might be would be great!

Using spider farmer sf4000 450w which is on max right now due to flowering, about 18-20" distance away as I raised it when it was at 15" and I thought this was light burn, but after top dressing the leaves seem to be continuing to decline.

Using a 5x5 ac infinity with passive intake and exhausting out the window. Usually around 25c (77f) and 55% RH during the day. Vpd currently 1.25.

This is the problem plant “Mark”, Lou, Ed and Eric seem so be doing okay - yes I named them after each Hulk actor :slight_smile:

Other 3:

The seeds are Bruce Banner Fast Version from Homegrown Cannabis Co if that helps at all.

As usually tagging everyone I can remember who has helped before:

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It looks like a touch of nutrient burn to me. But hard to be sure. Good luck.


I agree with nute burn.


I thought it might be, also realised that these are fast seeds so may have overdone the top dressing

@Newt @Dexterado I see the tip burn but not the normal glossy shine that I would otherwise see. What am I not seeing. Just to fill in the blanks. Thanks

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They appear to be trich covered.

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What’s the run off PH🤟

Gotta ask - is the problem worse closer to the lights? Is it worse on older growth?

It could be:
Nute burn, generic
Potassium deficiency
pH imbalance
Light burn
A combination thereof.

I’m not concerned yet but the last couple pics (not problem plant) look like they may begin to exhibit the same symptoms within the next week or two if we don’t address the problem sooner rather than later. Mark is your canary in the coal mine - she’s just more sensitive to the issue than the other three but I’ll bet if you’re treating them all equally, they’ll all manifest without a course correction.

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My Hulkster also looked very similar. I changed my water source to a higher ph. Was 5.5 , Then i noticed what you are seeing. I caught it a few days earlier and was tipped to checking ph. Went to 7.0 ph and the burnt tips stopped. Attached is said Bruce Banner aka Hulkster in its current state.


Top pic is Purple Punch

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I’ll have to check that tomorrow as they had a large watering a day ago, but will let you know

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I pH with lemon juice as my water starts off at 7.4 ish and I take it down to 6.8 before feeding but not sure what the Runoff or slurry test will show just yet

Sorry the leaf edges and brown spots seem worse closer to the light but they are about 20" away now and have been for a week or so since I noticed the issues, further from the light I’m seeing yellowing

They were dryer than expected this morning so just did a slurry and Runoff test, pH and Ppm (700) of the slurry was 7.1ph and 1150ppm.

The pH of the Runoff was 6.8.

Going to check the trichs now under a microscope to make sure they aren’t “finished”, I did a lot of training which slowed them down but they are a fast version technically.

@Graysin @Robbtower1

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Despite the fast version there is not a lot of amber so I think we still have some time:

Image_2023-01-10 08_53_32_845
Image_2023-01-10 08_53_55_758
Image_2023-01-10 08_54_04_927
Image_2023-01-10 08_54_14_433

Lou, Eric, Ed:

Image_2023-01-10 08_55_34_753
Image_2023-01-10 08_55_55_603
Image_2023-01-10 08_56_07_979
Image_2023-01-10 08_56_11_545

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Very close on some not so close on others. I see little amber and a little clear still in there.
As soon as they all get cloudy/milky is when i harvest. I found they mature a bit as you dry and cure. Too much amber and you lose so thc is what they say. I just like the affects when little amber show.

Honestly seeing those trichomes makes me not at all concerned for whatever the problem may be. They’ll be 70/30 cloudy/amber long before the problem spreads and makes a meaningful impact on the buds.

My only real thought is that lemon juice is a fairly temporary pH adjuster, you may consider in future grows just using pH Down, it’s a bit more stable. Even a pinch of citric acid may have a more long lasting effect than straight lemon juice. I bring it up because the pH of your slurry is oddly high (usually when one has plants that are actively eating, the pH tends to be lower than the feed pH.)
I’m not sure I’m convinced that’s the issue, but if the pH crept up too high for your plant to absorb some nutrients, it could explain some things.

1150 (700) is about 800-850 (500) which is, generally fine.

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I appreciate your two cents on the matter, I agree there’s not long left before harvest although I have been trying to keep an organic grow with my own soil going hence the lemon juice so any organic pH downs of sorts I’d be open to

Citric acid would be the way to go - it’s usually available in the canning aisle at the grocery store. It’s pretty much just granulated lemon juice without the propensity to decompose and set stuff back out of whack. A little bit goes a very long way. Once I tanked my 27 gallon reservoir’s pH from 7.0 to about 4.0 in a matter of a rounded 1/2 teaspoon instead of a flat 1/2 teaspoon. :sweat_smile:

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That’s awesome I’ll give it a test in the jug I use to water with first, thanks friend

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