Bruce banner autoflower dwc grow

Hey guys so i’m excited to start this grow journal! this is my first grow and so far so good! im going to be growing 3 Bruce banner auto flowers in dwc in my 2x4 grow tent. I planted 6 seeds and 5 of them popped! i kind of screwed up doing so many but one of the first three was a dud so i planted 3 more as a little insurance policy…
-im going to be using the botanicare line up of:
-pure blend pro GRow and bloom
-silica blast
-cal mag pro
-liquid karma

at the moment im top feeding the rockwool cubes with 5.5-5.8 RO water only and putting a little extra in the grove theyre sitting on about twice a day when i wake up and when i go to sleep.

out of the first 3 the 2 that sprouted popped on day 5/6
and the second three all of them were out by day 3/4

Theyre sitting under a electric sky 300. the lights 48 inches away and dimmed to 50%. i turned my 6" circulation fan on today and took the seedlings out of the ziplock bag i germinated them in. i havent turned on the exhaust because humidity is low in the tent (25-35 rh) and the temps around 72-85 degrees.

id like to welcome any advise and thank all the people who replied to my other posts and hope you guys follow throughout the grow! @Mainboom @Nicky @Familyman @Spiney_norman @TommyG @thecount13 @MeEasy

heres the girls





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Dude you need a bigger tent lol 2 plants in a 2x4 in coco is full. In hydro you won’t fit more than 2


2x4s all the space i got man! im following this dude on youtube insidehydros grow so hopefully it works out. im going to low stress train and defoliate them along the way. and if i got to ill chop one!


Don’t touch them man if it has a giant fan leaf yea take that off otherwise leave them alone. Put a net over it young and make them grow out don’t be doing all this lst it’s not worth it. I might get it for that but it’s my opinion more you jack with them less growth you get

If they get to big for that tent buy another one lol

If they do illkeep it open but as you can see I don’t have room this tent fits like a glove in the closet:P

So far 3 of the 5 started showing roots yesterday afternoon…the first 2 I planted on the 28th have them and the last one to sprout from the batch I planted on the 1st is the first to have them outta her group. she’s still little but I’m pretty sure these are the 3 that I’m going to keep… the last one to sprout is a little smaller than the others but I feel like she’s got a crazy will to live and she might end up being the biggest like Charlotte’s web… I’m either going to plant tonight or tomorrow… depending on whether or not I can pick up some silica blast before the shop closes this evening… i got some protek silica from dyna grow but don’t feel comfortable mixing it with all botanicare notes so ill just save it…anyway heres the girls and sorry my camera sucks

this one was the last to

the two that haven’t popped roots

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Hey guys so I transplanted three of them last night!! The two from the first set of three! And the healthier lookin on from the second set! My chick didn’t buy the runt but im keeping the other cubes for a minute to see how this goes. I guess you can’t sell silica blast in my state so I ran with the protek from dyna grow and the rest on the botanicare nutrients.

I put a little over 3 gallons in all the buckets and left about a 1 inch air gap under the net pot.

I fed them:
3ml protek
3ml cal mag
15 ml pure blend grow
3ml liquid karma
6ml of hydro gaurd

My ec:
Ppm 700 scale:
Ppm 500 scale:
Water Temp: 68 degrees
Ph: 5.7-5.9
Room temp went from 86 to 68 when I turned on the exhaust on low… and rh is at 26% this morning

I top fed each plant 60ml of nute solution and I’m going to do this once a day for the first couple weeks.

Everything stayed normal over night so now its just waiting to see how they like the nutes. i cut everything in half for the recommended seedling schedule as per advice I got on here.
so hopefully I dont fry them! Wish me luck!
Here’s the girls


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I think this ones sick! Shes still growing but

I’m guessing over watered but it was sitting directly under the light and the humidity was real low too… so I went and bought a humidifier and am going to try to keep the temps down what do you guys think i should do I still have the 2 in rockwool in case I killed one :stuck_out_tongue: but is it a goner or am I trippin?

hey @jetlag idk if you can tell from the pictures but I read a post you commented on about low humidity! You think this might be what’s causing this to this seedling I made some mitigations in relation to the light and I bought a humidifier but wanted to see what you thought cuz you seemed pretty knowledgeable on the subject

I know little about DWC growing and I am sure someone here with better knowledge will chime in, @Nicky was here earlier and he is one of my wizards. In soil or Coco overwatering brings droopy leaves and you don’t have that. I also see the cotyledon leaves still there and green. You don’t feed until they are yellow or gone,. That is their initial food when they pop, and nothing else needed, and that is one possible cause for yellowing leaves. Marijuana plants early on and in a vegetative state do like higher humidity. Lower when in flower to prevent issues with rot in the buds. I never give up on one until it’s gone lol, and this one doesn’t look like a goner.

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Looks alive and well to me,


So its been a week since I put them in the buckets and they’re starting to grow quite a bit! I got roots in the water and I plan on doing a nutrient change on Saturday when they’re 2 weeks from sprout. I think I’m going to increase the ec to .8 and slowly start increasing light intensity

Current conditions:

Ec/ppm: .6/460 on two .7/490-500 on one
Ph: 5.8- 6.2
Water temp: 68-69
Tent temp: been as low as 58 and as high as 82 but i think i got it under control…its been 62-75 the last few days
Light: electric sky 300 at 50% 48 inches away…
Increased a bit today though

The first one from both angles is the one with slightly higher nutes!

let me know if you guys see anything I might need to change! And I’ll give you guys another update on Saturday after the nutrient change

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So these fuckers have grown a bunch in just the last 4 days… they’re starting to show their 5 finger leaves and the roots are starting to get thicker everyday! i was going to do the rez change yesterday but I mixed up everything and my EC was way off so I checked the water In the jugs I filled up and I guess the fill station has RO water running high ppms … I wasn’t sure how to account for the base being so high so I just waited to get some that started at 0!

I increased the EC to .8 today (2/3 strength)… I wasn’t going to because they seemed to be just drinking water but before I mixed everything the ppms went down a bit from yesterday So I figured I’d give them something to grow into now that they’re growing so much… I hope I don’t burn them!!!

In this order I fed them
4ml of protekt from dina grow
6ml cal mag plus
20ml pure blend grow
4ml liquid karma
6ml hydrogaurd

Ph: 5.8
Water temp:67-72
Tent temp: 64-75
Top fed 60 ml
700 scale Ppm:560-590
Ec: 0.8
2weeks from sprout

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