Reefer Rods first DWC! Bruce Banner (DWC) VS Bruce B. (Soil)

Whats going on ya’ll! This is my third journal second official, as my second “journal” was more a grow comp that got knixed. So I am planning on doing a RDWC in a 4x4 journal but thought maybe I should try a simple DWC first real quick. Then I said well why not do a soil grow right next to it so I can learn and compare! Ok some pics…

Simple set up (5 gal fab pot in the middle)
Ill be growing in the closet in my grow room.

1x ViparSpectra 450s per plant

Found this at my local hydro store, they were out of Happy Frog.

I cant find the pre made info card but this is the setup.

Seeds: Fem Bruce Banner (before they were by ilgm, whatever that means)
Grow Housing: One 5 gal Fab Pot/ One 5 Gal bubble bucket
Medium: Royal Gold Kings Mix soil/ Hydroton rocks
Nutes: General Hydroponics Flora Series
Lights: 2x ViparSpectra 450s
Grow Space: 4x2 closet (44"x21" actual)
Hvac: @ fans n keeping the door open? hah

So not much to show yet, the seeds are on day 2 of germination and currently sit in a paper towel.Tomorrow they will transfer to Rockwool and Peat pellot if all goes well with both seeds. Fingers crossed there my last two Bruce Banner Seeds. :v::triumph::dash:


Love the comparison, I’m watching!


@ReeferRod. I’m tuned in to watching and gonna ride along, that is if you don’t mind. thinking about trying hydro once I get a few grows indoors under my belt :eyeglasses: on


Lemme get my popcorn!

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Yea I got two soil grows under my belt so ima go ahead and try me some hydro.

Soil grow 1 (Gorilla glue #4 left n Bruce Banner right)



Soil grow 2 (Gorilla glue #4)


previous grow look great bud, did u choose the Bruce Banners because of flavour over the gg? are you going to use hydroguard?

you guys all know our national treasure from things like the hulk… full frontal that’s where its at… Eric in his early days… :grin:


Haha no I chose Banner because I was looking for a strong sativa but I also chose Banner for this grow because I have a 4x4 in my grow room that im gonna be growing 4 plants via RDWC in bout a month. I got Gorilla Glue, Goldleaf, OG Kush, Skywalker OG, Fire OG n a seed I got from my Gorilla Glue impregnating one of my Banner plants.



Line the walls with white panda film…
You will get better light penetration that way…


Yea thats a good idea, amazon has one good selection but thats about it.


Interesting, set to watching.

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Or emergency sleeping bags/blankets, all silver and reflective and cheap. Very cheap alternative.


Probably under 10-15 bucks for that sized room. Just try to line the walls ceiling and floor as best as possible


Go cheap as @repins12 has mentioned…
If it isn’t permanent , you could also use the non shiney part of aluminum foil and just tape it up for this run…
Either way , by lining the walls with something reflective is going to boost your yield by 40% …


remember white paint works just fine too… :grin:


Yea im def gonna line them, I notice a huge yield difference the first time I used that closet.


could even use the white paint to spill out into the living room, get rid of the fake wood,…:grin:


hah yea i rent so I deal with it for now.


So the two girls made it into there select pre medium. Im hoping by tomorrow or tuesday for them to sprout. I have had really good luck with my ILGM seeds.

Henkke n Jaska watch carefully over the girls


The one thing that worries me about this bucket is the water level hose. You put the air hose in the water hose and it blows strong on just the one end. In other words its not in the middle of the bucket, i dont know if that matters. Also @PurpNGold74 n @raustin im back if yall would like to follow along.

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