Bruce banner autoflower

Anyone grow any bruce banner autos? If so i was wondering how many I should run in a 2x4 tent. Imma be using 5 gallon dwc buckets and an electric sky 300… just tryna make sure i get a full canopy and dont end up overcrowding or end up with only a couple tiny 1/4 oz plants… was planning on running 3 maybe 4


Hey @gonzo1, Welcome to the forum
I would do 2, tho I might start 3 and just keep the best two. Sometimes autos will produce a small early flowering plant.
Two plants grown well will fill it up and give a good yield.


My favorite sativa strain so far.
I grow autos but haven’t grown that strain, next grow actually.
I would agree with @Spiney_norman
My 2x4 grows 2 plants.

Whos the breeder if you don’t mind me asking? I have monster genetics and I hear they grow into monsters.

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I lovegm but it seems like no ones grown it before ya know… just tryna plan it out as best as possible! Thinking imma start 3 like @Spiney_norman said and see how they do… the light comes in on Tuesday so ill keep you guys posted… its my first try and I’m shooting for close to a QP! So wish me luck!


Two will more than fill that space in dwc, I run coco and 2 is my max.

I’m Canadian so I can’t order iglm. I’m. Iffy on their autos tbh but they have good photo genetics. Although I haven’t tried em. Just seen issues here of not being stable autos enough to make me wonder

I know what you mean! Im still kinda iffy on autos in general but I got them with a pack of blue dream photos for a buy10get10 a while back and just wanted to get a quick harvest before I start the blue dream… as long as I get some good smoke that’ll last until the photos finish up ill be a happy camper!

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Never been unhappy with the end results of any autos I have grown as far as effects go.
The size of the plants differs widely tho.
My best results are when I soak the seed and plant it directly in a 3 or 5 gallon fabric pot.
While I am no botanist by any means it seems the plant adjusts to its available soil and locks in very early how its going to grow. Perhaps it senses when and where the roots hit the sides of the small starter pots and adapts its growing accordingly. Almost every auto I have started in a solo cup was a small dwarflike plant with small leaves. If I plant the seed directly in its final home everything about the plant is larger. Now some will still stay small as autos do, but more of them get larger esp in the first 3 weeks.


I tend to agree with your theory about the roots/small cups, I have two mini autos in flower that I replanted from small cups to 3 gal fabric pots, but it was too late.