Brown spots...why?

Can you help me understand what is going on? One plant in one spot has brown spots on the leaves…I didn’t see it in the other plants and only in this area on this plant. I’ve researched and maybe I dropped water on the leaves and it’s burn spots?

Unknown seeds…day 35…5 gal pots…FFOF…18/6 in a 3x3

Doesn’t look significant enough to worry about. Are you misting the plant? It looks pretty healthy.


Nope…just FFOF at this point… They were kinda random seeds…I have 3 plants and I’m trying to determine sex…

Are the leaves that are affected at the bottom or top of the plant?

Kinda middle

Plant looks overall healthy to me …just a little ‘3d’ looking some of the leaves …where it’s like taking on that lighter green to yellow hue in the middle of the fan leaves …i was reading about it but can’t remember the exact reason
Could be cal or mag issue it may have even been potassium …but at this point I’d just keep on …it’s bag seed and you don’t know the genetics if stable or not …could be nothing

Even if in the middle, it’s the fan leaves so they are a little older (not new growth) so guess is it’s a mobile nutrient.

Best bet, first, is to determine the PH of your soil. You can do that with a sol slurry test. If PH is off and you don’t know it, you’ll chase nutrient problems with no results.

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