Breeding with feminized pollen

Just asking if anyone can help with my experiment have just cut 2 branches off my girls & not sure if cut to soon.I have been spraying with tiresais mist for 16 days on 2 branches & decided to cut these off and place in a jar of water for another 2 weeks ,not sure if they will ripen to produce pollen to collect if not will have to try again with next grow any help would be grateful as this is a new try for me indoors.

Not sure if it’ll work, but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re goal is to breed!


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If you will get some goals please tell me informed!
Thanks @Teddy78

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Cool will let you know how it goes.

Hey there yes collected some pollen & placed on selected colas covering with paper bags they have been pollenated for about 1.5 weeks so will have to wait and see if they develop any seeds will let ya know:wink:

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Thanks. Let me know! V​:grin::grin::wink:

I’m not sure that I understand , the plants in the picture or male , so of course they will produce pollen… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

Yeah I was unsure of the steps I had to take when cutting the branch off my females to collect feminized pollen the branches were 2 weeks old spraying tiresais mist wasn’t sure wether to leave for another week or just take them there and then so as not to pollinate my whole crop as it turned out placing them in a glass of water for 2 weeks they started to open and I collected the pollen . So i placed the pollen on a thin paint brush and applied to selected branches hopefully this will work and produce some feminized seeds.Cheers

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