Brainstorming what to do with 5x5

I have 4 plants total occupying a 5x5 tent under a 800watt mars hydro light. This was my first dwc hydro grow and 2nd grow altogether. . In the back is gg4 and the front ones are Runtz. The girls are 8 weeks out from seed. I was planning on putting a scrog net up and scrogging them but I’ve been waiting for them to get taller. I am doing a scrog in my 2x4 tent so at this point I am thinking maybe just flipping them to flower without the trellis. Just wondering if they would need more support. I did not expect to have this much room leftover hence why I’m considering not scrogging. Will they need more support to hold the buds ( stakes or trellis just for supporting the buds? Just trying to list out the pros and cons. Im sure with all the experience the community has we can come up with a good plan to finish these girls out strong. I really want this grow to turn out better than my first one which was ilgm white widow auto flower and all I got from that was material to make butter. Did not work For my tolerance and needs. Fingers crossed this harvest will pay out for my hard work giving me some top shelf medicine as I am a medicinal user. Thanks again everyone, happy growing!


You can tie strings from the top to support them if they get too heavy. Out of precaution, you may want to get that surge protector off the floor. Should something happen, a leak in a line or fitting or God forbid something knock over, you could have far more problems than a couple broken branches. Your plants look great, though!!!


in my experience DWC with a net can be painful … if its not on RDCW … its just harder to do the bucket changes … however i have done it with just one and i had to use a watter pump not to get it all on the floor …

I don’t know what is involved with changing DWC buckets so this may not work @Pheno. I would have a net available if one was needed by tying it to the back wall horizontal brace. Then, it the buds needed support I would deploy the net. It is used only for support not a SCROG


Dude! I walked around all day doing Fire Marshall Bill when I was a kid :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks guys I’m gonna do that when I get home.

I have a water transfer pump to prepare for that so if I do end up using the trellis to scrog I can just prop the buckets up so I can drain them from the bottom. Then I can use the water transfer pump to send in my 3 gallons of nutrient water per bucket that I change weekly .

@Pheno i got a water transfer pump a couple months back anticipating this .

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Good catch @Borderryan22 … safety 1st…:eyes::muscle::sunglasses:

Make sure u have a switch or a way to turn it off when the bucket is full lol

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Good call @Pheno . Haha

Safety first, then team work. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: