6 plants in 5x5?

My post was removed. There was absolutely nothing inappropriate in there, jeez. Anyways… if I could get the advice I was getting before I really want to set up a veg tent and flower tent. Hello everyone, at the moment I have a 2x4 tent with a mars hydro 300watt light and 2 plants in 7 gallon grow bags in soil. I also have a 5x5 with a 800 watt mars hydro light with 4 plants in 5 gallon dwc containers (hydro). I plan on making my 2x4 a veg tent and my 5x5 a flower tent. I also plan to scrog the 5x5. My question is can I move all those plants to flower in the 5x5? Will that be enough space for 4 plants in 5 gallon containers and 2 plants in 7 gallon? I want to veg in the 2x4 about a month before my harvest so I can rotate plants from veg to flower and harvest around every 60 days. ( please don’t delete my post there is nothing offensive in here )

Its because you keep creating duplicate topics.

My first post was deleted for offensive comments. Which there were none , so I had to repost. Afterwards the original post came back online . I keep trying to delete post but I cannot find a way of doing this . Sorry if it reposted, not my intention.

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Dont sweat the small stuff my friend.

You said it best my brother .

I have MH lights too, happy with yours? Do you have the sp3000 in your 2x4? And is your 5x5 the fc4800 or fce4800?

I have the sp 3000 in my 2x4 and the fc 8000 for the 5x5. I love them . The fc 8000 is a little too powerful for veg . I have it turned down to the lowest setting and hung up as high as it will go in the grow tent and it’s still too strong. However for flower I’m sure it’s gonna be a killer . Can’t wait to see how much I yield .

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I have the fc3000 and a ts1000. Usually use the ts1000 for germ and early veg. Im pretty happy with my light for flower, im sure you will be also. I debated over the sp3000, right before I clicked the button to buy it my old lady says I want you to get the bar style one. Outta nowhere! She has good intuitions.

It was not deleted for offensive comments. It was closed as you had another identical post. I literally commented in it myself.


Take a second and learn how to get around the forum.


It’s not how much plants you have but rather the amount of space and time of flipping. What you want to do is flip when 50% of the 5x5 is filled, then switch to 12/12 and fill the rest with the flower stretch. The more plants you have the shorter the veg period will be, so 4 plants you’d veg longer, 6 not as long.

Hey man, I can’t tell you what You need. But I can let you know that when I started my current grow, it was 6 plants in individual dwc 5 gallon buckets. Not even close to enough room once they hit flower. I’m using a 4x4 tent btw.
Ended up having to remove 2. So currently have 4x 5 gallon dwc buckets.
I still barely have enough room, granted my girls grew so much more then I anticipated.
But yah, not much space and I’m constantly battling humidity.
Even with a 6” exhaust, oscillating fans etc.

I have the AC infinity 5x5 with 3 each of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake autos from ILGM. I like to sit in there to tend to my plants, smoking and singing while I defoliate or water. The tent could certainly fit a few more, but 6 is a lot for me to tend to tbvh.

On water day, I throw an ugly thick high-lipped drip tray in the middle and sit in the front to care for each plant individually. I pour runoff in a bucket just outside the door between a selected plant and the next.

Imo, ya start pumping out more than six for yourself and it gets a little impersonal. I’m not just grinding through em, ya know. I wanna get to know my plants.

The smoke is way better when I have that exact plant’s lil birth story in ya head, “Oh, I’m glad u like her. Ya know she gave me hell in veg. Mama said I’d get mine as a mother one day, I just ain’t know it’d be as a plant mommy.”


Happy Holidays growers. I am going to try that with just short bushy indicas. It may work the sativas need some room to grow. Good Luck. Peace Out