Bottom leaves turned yellow

Veronica‘s bottom leaves turned yellow overnight. Is this from too much water? She’s three weeks old. She lives outside in the sun during the day, and I bring her inside the porch at night. I give her only bottled water, but she accidentally got caught in a big storm the other day.

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The cotyledon leaves will die off after they are used up. This is normal. But I’m no expert. In fact I’m a noob. Wait and some experts will either confirm or deny :wink: looks good! Happy growing!



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Very welcome!

I’m no expert but @Druiddescent is correct. Those are the starter leaves and this is completely normal.


This is completely normal. Looking at your plant, it needs much more light and stronger light. It’s getting long and lanky because it doesn’t have enough.

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Yep yellowing of Cotyledon leaves is normal.
You might want to look closer to the leaves and check for leaf miners.

Hard to tell from pic but noticed marks on the leaf above.


Thanks! I was hoping to be able to raise my girls just on genuine Florida sunshine, but I guess that’s not working out too well. That big old storm out in the gulf is making too many days cloudy and rainy. So I broke down and bought a little grow light to supplement. I think my girls look happier already.

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hello!. New grower here in them middle of my first crop. Just an observation. Are those the trays you water in? If so you might want to get those pots elevated . It isn’t good for them to sit in the water and have it wick back into the soil. Treat the runoff like waste water. You don’t want the plant drinking it as it has salts and what not in it. At least that is what I was taught here.

I wish i had a place I could grow out doors. Some day!

Thanks. When I water them, I put them outside without the saucers so that any excess water just runs off onto the patio. Inside, I put them in the saucers just to protect the floor. I don’t let them sit in a puddle.

@BunnyFooFoo nice, that should help through the earlier stages. Word of advice, don’t start seedlings in pots that big. It puts them at a disadvantaged for a myriad of reasons

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Water wicking back up into soil from saucers is fine I do it all the time and even will directly add some water into the saucers making sure the entire soil profile is hydrated using RO water. If I water from top and some comes out into saucers I give it some time to wick up and after an hour or so will then dumb any excess.
It all depends on what your using for nutrients. Chemical crap worry organic nutrients no worries.

Many people plant seeds into their final homes from the start with great success.

The starting leaves should be pretty normal. It does seem like she might not be strong enough to support a decent amount of yield. I’m newish as well, but I’d maybe research on working the main stem to strengthen it up some.