Help a new dummy

Sorry to keep bugging everyone asking so many questions about stuff but I noticed this this morning anything I need to worry about?


Good Morning. I don’t think you have an issue. You might have gotten some water on that leaf. The rest of the plant looks fine. :blush::v:


Those fall off anyways they are the cotyledons

Looks to me like you may be overwatering let it dry out more between feedings

Thanks everyone and I will let it dry out more before I water again

Snip that deadness off. At this stage in growth less then a quart if water should last 3-5 days.

Thanks I will cut back

Not really. Cotyledons are the small round leaves that emerge first on the plant. The discolored portion is actual leaf.

See em (I’ve got 3 on this plant) underneath the pointed leaves?

This, and also when you do water, water in a wide ring around the plant, not at the base of the plant. That will encourage the roots to grow outward in search of water, and in turn allow her to develop a healthy root network. That ultimately makes her much harder to drown

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Lol thanks

That looks like damage from water being left on the leaf

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That’s very possible, I might have splashed some on it when watering

Ahhhhh now I see the little guys

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This is what the girls are doing today, I am happy they are finally growing and am waiting on my new light any more suggestions would be very much appreciated

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