Bottom feed fighting gnats

So I’m currently trying to fight off gnats atm cought it super early so thonk I mught have a fighting chance. But my girls are thirsty and suprr thirsty I have fabric pots can I just kind of dunk the pots in water if need be?

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Yes, although gnats is a sign of too much water. Be careful to allow time to dry out between waterings and a layer of food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) will work too.

@Myfriendis410 yeah I used this stuff called gnatgo and yellow traps. I didn’t get de but I just transplanted and I believe the soil was tainted from sitting out a few weeks

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That could do it but let your plant dry out thoroughly; like starting to wilt dry.

Yeah my bigger one is wilted and the other 3 are on their way. But plants are only 3 weeks old

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I often flood the saucers the plants sit in with my feed water and let them wick it up from the saucer. I will water also lightly from the top too. Capillary action works great with the cloth pots. This process I normally use when they are in smaller pots as the roots seek moisture it directs them down to the bottom. I do this also with larger pots but with them I need to do more watering up top and not as much in saucer as that would take much longer in time waiting between water sucking up emptying the saucer.
I also use granules that contain the BTi bacterial strain that kills the gnat larvae as a preventative sprinkled on top of soil.

Hope this helps and HAGD


You can see the gnats flying around @Dushin91 thats where the yellow sticky pads come in, they just help to show you that they are around and helps control them as they stick to the yellow cards.
Dont use H202 to much as it damages root structures and microbes
If you want to get rid of them before they alter your yeild or kill your plant you use Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, combined with yellow sticky boards. I have used every other method!!! this is the only one that totally gets rid of them and breaks the cycle. And is totally safe.


Well ive had the sticky traps out and I have only had 1 on there and I don’t see any flying around so its not severe (knock on wood) I wanted to try something organic first to see if this works the top soil is super dry I ended up filling a bucket up and dunked the pots half way hopefully it took in the nutes it was my first nute feeding so kinda paranoid lol. Gave it a 3rd strenght of FF and cal mag hopefully when I get home from work today they won’t be wilted and actually got some water lol

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Bti is safe they use it in public waterways and parks and gardens.

Fungus gnats are a 100% sign of too much water. FYI

Yeah I know that it is but there isn’t anyway that I over watered