Bobby Bob and the Funky Bunch- ILGM AK47 Auto Grow

Future Home of Bob’s Big Buds - ILGM AK-47

Thanks to @Usmcjojo for the title and @Matthew420 for the sub-title of my grow and to those who participated in the naming. I will add tags to the post after I get my pic posted.

My name is Bob and I’m a legal grower of MJ in Massachusetts, USA. I am however interested in protecting my identity and location at least for the foreseeable future. This is my first ever indoor grow and my last outdoor grow was in the early 1970’s.

So boys and girls, today at 12:00 EST we have germination.

I received my AK47 Auto Flowering seeds from ILGM on Jan 11 2017 after my shipping was confirmed on Jan 2 2017. Not bad for a trip around the world, lol.

The process started between paper towels inside of a a frequently air refreshed zip lock baggie between two plates nestled on top of my cable box which provided an optimal 77 degrees of warmth during the process.

The germination took 3 full days, however she has arrived, my little bundle of joy! She was nested into her new home with Fox Farm Ocean Forest and a modified Jiffy pot with a few extra holes on the side. She was misted up and raised up nice and close to the t-5 FL.

Here she is all nested into the nursery.


Let the games begin!!


Have the feeling that you’re gone a be succesful, a hunch :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:

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Nice looking good bob


Thanks @Usmcjojo @Niala @Masshole much appreciated! The good news is that I have a good support group here at ILGM. I have learned so much in the last couple of weeks and I know if I pay reasonably close attention then things will be good. Plus I know you guys are looking over my shoulder and i welcome all pointers, techniques and thoughts or corrections that are needed.

Quick info on my grow room.

My room is a spare bedroom that my son vacated 10 years ago after college and I bought a small mini greenhouse. I spotted it on

But I was in a small local “Job Lot” type store here locally and they were selling the exact same thing for $20. So I took a chance on it and bought it. Along with some mylar film to give it some reflectivity.

Since I am growing Auto Flowering for now I don’t need to be concerned with light penetration or anything and I plan to finish this grow and move into a three season shed in the backyard. I will most likely start working on that as this is nearing completion, weather permitting.

I am using a waterproof electric heating pad in the bottom for now to help keep it warm enough until I go to the 140W generic LED grow light I bought on eBay.

My seed is currently inside a SunBlaster Propagation Dome that I bought on Amazon

I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil and I’m planning to use organic growing nutrients, though i haven’t committed to which ones yet.

Water is PH’d to 6.5 for spraying and keeping the soil moist. I’m also keeping a mug with PH’d water and a couple paper towels to keep the RH at about 65% My house is pretty dry due to my wood stove and even though the outside RH is 43 the indoor is currently about 25%.


Looking good bro you’ll have your own field of dreams soon
They grow up so fast :grinning::+1::v:
I’ll be following this one for sure
Happy growing bro

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks man. I’m wanting to try all sorts of things, but I’m gonna go straight up the middle on this one. I’ve got some ILGM Gold Leaf Fem’s to play with during my next grow when I have more room.


Good luck @bob31 hope your harvest is great, and the road there enjoyable :smiley::smiley:


Very nice my friend …

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Take it slow and easy don’t rush to try everything at once and you’ll be fine
I know you’ve been doing your homework so I have faith in your abilities
And as always you have the peeps here to back you up so all will be great :+1:


Thanks all for your encouragement!

1-16-17 awaiting my seedling.

Spraying pH’d water as needed every 4-8 hours. Temps 73-77 and Rh 45-60% depending if I have to remove the dome to water. I have both top vents about half open and I’m running a small fan to help with temps as I was getting a bit warmer than I wanted yesterday afternoon.


Ok, so it has been just about 72 hours since my germinated seed went into the soil and I haven’t gotten my sprout. I was expecting to see her around the 48 hour mark based on what other folks are seeing that are growing the AK47 Auto.

I know I need to have patience…


Great start…should do well. Nice to see another MA resident doing well… :+1:


it’s going to get much harder to wait when you are staring down your harvest, trust me on that one. I’ve had some seeds take up to 4 days before the sprout, it will happen.


try not to go poking around looking for the sprout ahead of time…you can physically damage it the baby will be so delicate or you might introduce a fungus or mold to the sproutling…back to more patience!


OK… New to do list:

Extra patience
More patience


The seed was a little slower to germinate as well so I have to be… Dam what’s that word I’m looking for???


Lol might need to ad patience to that list @bob31


Lmao :joy: :sweat_smile: :wink: @Countryboyjvd1971


I’m doing deep breathing exercises right now @Countryboyjvd1971

The doc told me that gardening would help me to de-stressing and help me to stop thinking about how bad my back hurts. There is some truth to it. Now I’m stressing about different things.

Breath in hold it breath out… Lol

PS I told him it was an herbal garden…


Lmao :joy: :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: @Bob31

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