Bobby Bob and the Funky Bunch- ILGM AK47 Auto Grow

I like that… :grin:

Isn’t it? I’m doing this all wrong.


Yeah , this Will earn you a Personal badge in Patience my grow friend, <*)))><{


Lmao breath in breath out
Am i doing this right @bob31 hahaha
It’s the most rewarding gardening I’ve ever done it’s the most stressful as well because We care to much lol if that’s possible


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ok, call of the suicide watch. We have liftoff. Just starting to poke out of the soil a few minutes ago. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Nice to actually see something besides a container of dirt!

I think I may have gotten the seed a little deeper than I wanted.


That"ll just make it stronger my friend, Lets Do This !!


I was just thinking the same thing.

So I’m under the growing dome with an 18" t5 a couple inches above. Temps are good at 76-78 and humidity is 45-60.

I know there are several schools of thought on keeping the lights on 24/7 versus 18/6 or whatever (my brains a little fried right now) I still haven’t decided on what I should do with the lighting from now till we hit veg.

Any thoughts either way. I have read a lot of posts on it and I just can’t make up my mind.

I’m keeping the light on 24/7 right now just to keep the temps in range.


It’s good :+1:, at any sign of “stretching”, however, you should consider going on a 18 / 6 regime :wink::innocent::v:

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:sunglasses: @Niala gotcha on the stretching. Thanks!

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My pleasure and you’re welcome @bob31 :grinning::innocent:

I agree with @Niala and 18/6 light cycle bro

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Day 5 for AK47 #1 She’s looking good and we are measuring in a unit smaller than millimeters. After some careful consideration (Ya’ll know who you are) I have removed her from the grow dome and turned off the t5 and turned on the 140 watt LED light at 40 inches.

I’m going to be paying close attention for stretch and make adjustments as I go along.

Some of the numbers total are

pH water in via spray @ 6.7

Spraying around the edges of the pot, though she was a little dry this morning and got a few extra sprays.

74 degrees in the space
37% humidity after the adjustment, but we should be fine in an hour on that. The space was open for about 20 minutes and humidity was about 55 when i started the swap over.

And here are some pics from today

And yeah there’s a plant in there somewhere. Lol


I see it :eyes: sweet little thing in the center of the pot :innocent:(I have pinch zoom the picture :wink:) beautiful setting @bob31 :+1::ok_hand:

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Thanks @Niala not much to look at really, but I would submit that the more boring the grow the better. @Paranorman will back me up on that one!


Looking good there @bob31
Nice setup you got going brother

Day 6.5

So after consulting with @Code420tv who has almost the same identical light and growing the same “crop”. I have raised my seedling up on a shelf so it is now 14 inches below the generic 140 watt LED light. Unfortunately this created a bit of a heat issue and I was getting into the mid 80’s. I installed my 6 inch duct and an old 90 CFM inline fan with a speed controller and now the temps are a comfy mid 70’s.

Unfortunately, I violated the carpenter rule of measure twice and cut once when it comes to making sure I had enough room for my carbon filter. I may have to pull air into it as I don’t think I can get it into my tiny 2’x3’x5’ grow space. So right now I am ducting from right above the 140 watt LED light. Should be fine for now. My week old seedling just smells like dirt at this point!


If you need to install filter on exhaust side of fan get a filter on intake side
Maybe put pre filter that came with charcoal filter on open end intake side with tie wraps or something but filter it so you don’t clog filter from inside
you’ll be reducing surface area but will still work

ok, thats a good idea. Right now Im just circulating air. I am still trying to figure this out a little better. Now I’m having trouble with low humidity. I can’t get it above 30-31 and I’m running a fan across 2 different water sources. I ordered one of those aqua stones that someone posted the other day. I forget who now, but I’ve got one of those coming too.

Try this bob take a towel place on end on bowl or tray hang towel off back side of fan so air is being pulled across towel and run fan on low speed ?
Let me know how that works
Essentially you made a evaporative type humidifier (with out the box )

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so pulling air through the wet towel?