Bobby Bob and the Funky Bunch- ILGM AK47 Auto Grow

Yes sir pull threw
don’t blow across
fan low speed


ok, I’ve been blowing across it. Ok, let me go try that. Good excuse to stretch the back lol


Leave a little room between fan and towel 1 or 2 inches at most
Let me know how you make out
What you make fram of tent out of ?
Also can you close it up ?

its a commercially sold indoor greenhouse basically. Has a zippered front so it is pretty closed down. So far I’ve gone from 34 to 45 RH and I’m going to gap that out just a little more in a minute. Snack break, lol

I’m adding that I covered the intake with the pre-filter. It is doubled up and I thought that might be too much but i still have decent air coming through. I was gonna install the filter, but I don’t want to waste it when I don’t need it.

Looks like this one sort of

Thanks for your help. I will update in the morning!

Good idea about the towel

lol I come up with a few everyonce in a while @Code420tv lol
@bob31 cool glad it seems to be working for you
Let me know later where you wind up with RH

I got it up to 58-60. I’m really surprised how much water evaporated overnight.

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Nice that’s much better than 35 lol :+1:
Glad it working out bro
Well need to get motivated off to therapy in an hour or so :+1:
Great idea on frame as well bro like the idea might steal it lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If you mean the little indoor green house I bought mine at ocean state job lot not sure if they are in your area. It was half the price of the online stores but $40- isn’t a bad price.

AK47 Auto Flowering ILGM

Day 7, one week since she popped out of the ground. Looks like another set of leaves going to pop her in the next day or so.

FFOF soil
Misting with pH water as needed
76 degrees
RH between 40 & 60
140 watt LED @ 14 inches.

Thanks everyone for their tips, tricks and advice!


Sweet!!! :v::eyes::+1:

@Code420tv thanks man. Slow going the first couple of weeks but all I have to do is flip over to your grow and know that it’s coming! LOL

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So I felt like the pre-filter over the open vent was too much, so I swapped it out with a paper towel. But now my humidity is back low again 39% RH.

I may have to go back to the pre-filter and maybe increase the fan a bit. It is on a speed controller.

No slowing it down would be the move as long as temps don’t rise to much bob and put pre filter over like a sock on the open end of duct
Maybe shut off in take fan if you have one and just go with passive vents
Keep humid air in tent

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@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah, I’m trying to balance temps and humidity. Hard to get that happy medium. If I slow the fan down too much the temps creep up and if I turn it up humidity goes down. I’m trying to keep the temps 72-77 and rh 50-60

so if you had to choose? More humidity or somewhat higher temps?

10/4 @bob31 it’s a game of give and take
Put filter back on and turnoff intake if using one see if that doesn’t keep the humidity up leave exhaust running to desired temp then bro good luck

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There isn’t a full floor, so pulling in around the bottom where I created a gap… at least for now. If I need more in future I can make changes to that as well. But I will swap back and slow the fan down.

Hey I propped you in another post guy looking for HVAC help @Countryboyjvd1971

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I saw it @bob31i answered and asked a few also hahaha

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Just wait till you see it start to grow; the first real leaves are verification that you actually have a MJ plant but when it really starts to grow and you can’t count how many leaves that’s when you really get excited!

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I demand more pics sir hahaha
How they doing bro ?:v: